The Real Reason Sarah Ferguson Was Screaming During The Queen's Jubilee

As a result of his connection to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal (via Town & Country), Prince Andrew has taken a step back from his public life as a member of the British royal family. Andrew has rarely been seen in public since being stripped of his royal titles — aside from a controversial appearance at the memorial service honoring his late father, Prince Philip, in March 2022 (via the Guardian). While the queen's son hasn't officially withdrawn from public life completely — he was absent during the Platinum Jubilee after he reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 — he has opted out of attending events like Royal Ascot and the Order of the Garter over the last several weeks (via Metro).

However, Prince Andrew's tarnished reputation didn't stop his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, from supporting their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The two princesses appeared at several key events, and one member of the royal family was particularly proud of their attendance. Their mother, Sarah, Duchess of York, was so enthused by Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's inclusion in the events that she actually screamed at her television when the pair showed up for one specific public appearance (via the Daily Mail).

Sarah Ferguson was proud of her daughters showcasing their support for the queen

Sarah Ferguson recently made an appearance on the podcast, "The Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose," to speak about her new book (via Virgin Radio UK), but she was more than happy to discuss her daughters' appearance at the Platinum Jubilee, too. "I was watching the telly like, 'Well done girls, you're smiling,'" she said (via the Daily Mail), referring to their arrival at the Service of Thanksgiving. Ferguson also took a moment to highlight her daughters' stunning outfits. "I couldn't get over it," she continued. "There was Beatrice in blue and Eugenie in orange and they are smiling, right. So grateful."

Ferguson was so happy she found herself "screaming at the TV" in pride. "I think the way Beatrice and Eugenie are behaving and have behaved; it's just extraordinary," she said. The Duchess of York went on to note that the two princesses showed much more emotion and gratitude than other attendees. "I brought them up to understand how they feel," she continued. "I told them very, very early on, 'Express yourself, express your feelings.' Because when you do, you tend not to fall into the big traps that I fell into."

The Duchess of York absolutely adores being a grandmother

Aside from the joys of being a mother and watching her daughters become poised young women, the Duchess of York is also a grandmother. Describing the experience as "fabulous" to Graham Norton on his podcast, "The Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose," (via the Daily Mail), Sarah Ferguson also noted that she often looks after her two grandchildren, August and Sienna. "[August] really finds me funny, for once I know he's really thinking I'm funny," she shared, speaking about Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's 17-month-old son.

Ferguson described Beatrice and Edo Mapelli Mozzi's daughter, Sienna, as "unbelievable" and mentioned how she's starting to talk. "She's only nine months but she usually grabs my chumpy cheeks and goes 'I want to chump your cheeks granny', I'm very lucky," she said.

On another podcast, "The Matt Haycox Show," Ferguson said her daughters are "the best ambassadors for good mothering" and that they've taken after her in that regard. "I teach my grandchildren the same way as I've taught my two beautiful girls who are the best ambassadors for good mothering because I'm a darn good mum," she told Matt Haycox (via the Daily Mail).