A Welcome To Plathville Star Is Due In Court After Ethan Plath Posted His Bail

On "Welcome to Plathville," the namesake Plath family lives a life centered around Christian fundamentalist values. The reality show, which documents the life of the 11-member family in southeastern Georgia, launched stars like Olivia Plath and her husband Ethan Plath to a new level of fame. The Christian fundamentalists have strong values, but that hasn't stopped members like Olivia Plath from embracing their party side

Olivia's brother, Nathan Meggs, is an aspiring musician and began appearing on "Welcome to Plathville" in its fourth season. According to his bio on Instagram, he previously worked in the aviation industry. He is Olivia's brother, and like the Plath family, the two siblings were raised in a Christian fundamentalist household, according to The Reality Snark. Meggs moved in to his sister and her husband's Tampa home after Season 3. With his quiet demeanor, he gained viewers' trust and captured some of their hearts. 

But court documents The List found reveal another side to the young reality TV star.

Nathan Meggs was arrested for a DUI

"Welcome to Plathville" star Nathan Meggs will appear in a Florida criminal court in July, according to court documents reviewed by The List and the Instagram account Without A Crystal Ball. According to court documents from Hillsborough County, Florida, Nathan Meggs was arrested and accused of driving under the influence March 11. That same day, his brother-in-law Ethan Plath posted the $500 bail to get the musician and reality TV personality released. 

Initial court proceedings in March show that Meggs and his attorney pleaded not guilty for charges of driving under the influence. The criminal report says that Meggs allegedly "was observed unconscious in the driver's seat of his vehicle, while the vehicle was turned on, at the gas pumps of a gas station. The defendant had vomited on himself, the odor of an alcoholic beverage was emanating from his mouth, he was slurring his words, and he presented a noticeable sway." 

He is due to appear in virtual court July 19.