The Unexpected Reason Iggy Azalea Made A Cameo On Trixie Motel

"Trixie Motel" is the latest renovation show to hit Discovery+ and it is already extremely popular. The series stars Trixie Mattel, the winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars” Season 4, as she renovates her very own motel in Palm Springs, California. The show combines home makeover with comedy and fun only a drag queen could deliver (via Entertainment Weekly).

Each episode shows a different room in the motel being completely remodeled into a new fun and bright theme. In the process, Mattel gets help from various celebrity guests, like Lisa Vanderpump and Nicole Byer, to recreate a drab motel into a mid-century dream (via NBC Los Angeles).

On the latest episode of "Trixie Mattel," she was joined by rapper Iggy Azalea. However, she wasn't there to lend a hand in designing the kitschy motel. The reason behind her guest appearance may be a surprise to her fans and introduced them to her life before stardom.

Iggy helped Trixie learn the ins and outs of cleaning a hotel room

Trixie Mattel was joined by "Fancy" rapper, Iggy Azalea, on the latest episode of "Trixie Motel," but she wasn't there to help her pick out a wallpaper color or look over the local vintage shop for the best mid-century decor for the motel's rooms. Azalea was there to provide some advice on how to properly clean the motel because she has a surprising and relevant background.

Before she was an international celebrity, Azalea was a struggling teenager who moved from Australia to the United States with hopes of making it in the entertainment industry (via Daily Mail). To support herself, she worked as a housekeeper for five years. During that time, she encountered some interesting things. Azalea told Chelsea Handler while on her show "Chelsea Lately," "[I] found a poo once. On the doormat, which is not where poos belong."

She didn't share that information with Mattel, though. Instead, she helped the drag queen learn how to properly clean a motel room by walking her through the process at a different Palm Springs hotel. She taught the drag queen how to make a bed that is held to a hotel standard, clean up the floor with used towels, and even how to successfully steal from the guests (this was a joke, of course). The pair were able to pull off an impressive hotel clean, down to how they folded the sheets!