Kate Middleton Shows Off A Side That No One Was Expecting

Kate Middleton is many things. She's a mom, she's a wife, she's a duchess and a passionate advocate for mental health awareness (via Hello!). The royal's fashion sense is also admired worldwide, with every outfit she wears making international headlines. Kate is known to favor Alexander McQueen, the house that designed her wedding dress and is also behind her recent ensembles for high-profile events like Trooping the Colour, as well as a business meeting that saw the Duchess of Cambridge looking pretty in pink.

We have long come to associate Kate with elegance. Just recall her jaw-dropping 40th birthday portraits, that featured the senior royal also donning gowns by Alexander McQueen (via Vogue). Although fans do catch a glimpse of the mom of three dressed down every now and again — like when she kept it casual in khaki while visiting the jungle in Belize — these moments also usually happen during official palace business.

So does the likely future queen of England ever let loose? Apparently she does!

Kate can kick and drink

While Kate Middleton didn't necessarily look the part of a sportswoman Friday, she certainly acted like it. While taking part in Cambridgeshire County Day with Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge reminded us that indeed, she is quite an athlete — and drinks beer, too (via Daily Mail)!

The event saw the royal couple participating in a football game, with Kate even kicking the ball while wearing a floaty sundress and wedge sandals at the time. Incidentally, Kate — and William — hit the target when it was their turn to kick, respectively. Then later, the super-coordinated couple also sipped on his and hers beers.

To be fair, this moment hardly marks the first time royal fans have seen Kate's sporty side. Remember that while in school, William's future wife played tennis and field hockey, among other team sports (via PopSugar). And she was recently appointed to a very important position based on her athletic competence.

Kate has always been athletic and loves a good pint

After years playing sports in school and then taking part in various matches and practices upon becoming a working royal, Kate Middleton is no stranger to impressing fans with her rugby, cricket, running and rowing skills. In fact, recently, the 40-year-old became the royal patron of the Rugby Football League and the Rugby Football Union (via Vogue).

Meanwhile, when it comes to the royal's alcoholic beverage of choice, this is far from the only occasion that Kate has indulged in a beer, with My London News reporting her favorite drink happens to be a pint of Guinness. The mom of three is also partial to a mixed drink, with a source telling the outlet that after Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have gone to bed for the night, "William will bring Kate a gin and tonic."

See — the royal couple isn't nearly as stuffy as you may have thought!