Texas AG's Roe V. Wade Celebration Is Getting Attention For All The Wrong Reasons

Polls may have shown that most Americans did not want Roe v. Wade overturned, according to CNN, but that hasn't stopped some Republicans from rejoicing in the shocking Supreme Court ruling. Notably, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's celebration about the end of Roe rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. 


Paxton is famously opposed to abortion. You may recall that Texas was the first state to successfully ban abortions after six weeks with their law that allowed any citizen to sue a person they suspected of getting an abortion or helping someone get an abortion for $10,000 (via The Texas Tribune). The Texas AG wasted no time in declaring all abortion illegal in the state of Texas and, to cap it all off, made the day a holiday, according to CNN

As you might imagine, this move got people talking all over the internet — though Paxton may not be thrilled with what they had to say.

Twitter reacted to the Texas AG making the day a holiday

After the Supreme Court released its ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released a statement celebrating the decision by giving everybody in his offices the day off. Paxton summed up his feelings in a tweet, writing, "SCOTUS just overruled Roe & Casey, ending one of the most morally & legally corrupt eras in US history. Praise the Lord. Abortion is now illegal in Texas." He added, "And today I'm closing my office—and making it an annual holiday—as a memorial to the 70 million lives lost bc of abortion."


Obviously, anyone who supports abortion rights will find a lot of objectionable language in this statement. And to make the day an annual holiday on top of it came across really badly to a lot of folks. A lot of people responded with some variation of "Truly disgusting." Others used more colorful language, but with the same basic sentiment. Responses to this news also included phrases like "morality gaslighting," "nightmare state," and "white hot irony straight from the forge."