If You're A Libra, Here's The Adult Toy You Should Try

Like the scale symbol representing the sign suggests, Libras strive for balance and equilibrium. As air signs, they're also known for standing out amongst the crowd, as well as having an uplifting, social energy that can be contagious to others around them. Astrologer Valerie Mesa told Women's Health that besides being the socialite of the zodiac signs, other Libra traits include valuing beautiful aesthetics, embodying a fair or seeing "both sides" type of mentality, and appreciating companionship. Although, at times, Libras can be both indecisive and a little vain or selfish. Hey, it happens to the best of each sign. 

In case you needed a visual representation of who some famous Libras are for a personality and aura check, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Cardi B, Dakota Johnson, Serena Williams, and Hilary Duff are all Libra suns. Since the zodiac signs point to all areas in life, whether it can tell you how it impacts you physically, emotionally, or socially as it does on astrology apps like CoStar, it could be interesting to see how it intersects with your sex life, too. If you're a Libra, you could be looking for intimacy and sensuality, and we have the 4-1-1 on what adult toy is the right one for you. 

According to an astrologer, Libras need to be seduced

Before we get into the adult toy product that has the potential to appeal to Libras, it's important to know first and foremost what the harmonious zodiac sign likes in the sheets. Luckily, astrologers can help pinpoint sexual desires, fantasies, and erogenous zones all based on when you were born, so intimacy with a partner can be even better with more informed, intuitive pleasures.

Libras are ruled in Venus, who in Roman mythology is the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and desire. Libras have this to their advantage, meaning they can be sensual, reciprocal partners as they crave balance by nature. That being said, the zodiac sign can inform both themselves and their partners about what gets them ticking.

Bustle spoke with two astrologers who zeroed in on what areas and sensual methods bring Libras the most pleasure. Interestingly enough, according to Dr. Elisa Robyn, astrologer and astrology transitions consultant, each zodiac sign has a focus point on their body. For Libras, it's the lower back and buttock area. Therefore, a Libra's sensitive areas, also known as erogenous zones, are the buttocks, hands, and abdomen. 

While there's information about how Libras show love, it's important to know how they like to receive it, too. Knowing what you know now, let's see the ultimate adult toys Libras could enjoy. 

For Libras, focus on vibrating toys

Astrologer Clarisse Monahan confessed to Bustle that Libras "need to be seduced." Combine that with the fact that Libras are air signs, as well as ruled by the aesthetic goddess Venus herself, they love a good romantic scene setting.

When discussing what adult toys are best, astrologer Diana Brownstone doubled down to Women's Health that Libras enjoy the finer things in life, and attractive sex toys are the way to go. Think vibration — powerful, efficient, and sexy. But because Libras are sociable and easy-going, they can also be people pleasers, which can come to their advantage in the bedroom. 

Both StyleCaster and Refinery29 recommend a vibrating penis ring for Libras, as it focuses on both partners, leaving the Libra to be both satisfied and happy to be pleasuring said partner. 

For more masturbation type play, Allure recommends the ornate Crave Vesper — a vibrating pendant necklace that can be worn as an accessory — appealing to a Libra's appreciation of all things beauty, and used for sensual playtime later on. Both are a win-win.