Jessie James Decker Shares Her Favorite Cities To Tour In - Exclusive

Country star Jessie James Decker has partnered with Malibu Rum this summer to give a few lucky winners their dream vacation. Decker worked with Pack Up + Go to curate the ideal vacation itineraries in her favorite US destinations for the winning packages. Winners don't have to worry about planning anything, but they also don't know where they'll be traveling to — they have to be ready to pack their bags and go to a surprise destination with their friends. To enter for the $10,000 Secret Escape, contestants  have to fill out the application saying why they're ready to "do whatever tastes good" and confirming when they and two friends are ready to travel.

While promoting the contest, the singer sat down for an exclusive interview with The List. During our conversation, Decker shared her favorite tour stops and what she likes to do when she's preparing to visit a new city.

What's her favorite city to perform in?

Jessie James Decker has plenty of favorite places to visit in the US. Many spots in the South, like her home state of Tennessee and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are close to her heart. But, when it comes to performing, her favorite tour spot is on the east coast. She told The List, "New York has my heart. I love playing there. I love my New Yorker fans, my New Jersey fans. I love the city. I love the restaurants. I love all the Italians. New York just melts my heart every single time with the food and the people." The singer added that she loves the city so much that she's "sad that I never lived there."

Although she is quite busy with performing while on tour, she makes time to explore the cities she stops in. Because they don't perform until the evening, they have the morning and most of the day to explore. "I woke up in New York, and the first thing I did was got off the bus and me and my manager Matt went and got coffees and walked around and had breakfast. We just walked, honestly. It was so nice ... I usually get a whole day to explore, and I definitely take advantage of it. Every city I get to, I'm like, 'I want to see the place that I'm at, and I want to explore and take it all in,'" Decker said.

The most surprising favorite

Although Jessie James Decker loves the energy of performing in a New York City stadium, she was surprised by how much she enjoyed visiting a smaller town. During the interview, her manager Matt reminded her of how much they'd enjoyed visiting Glenside, Pennsylvania. Although Glenside was a much smaller town and had a different vibe than New York, Decker loved the opportunity to explore and get to know the less well-known location. "Glenside was really cute and quaint. It was this little square and had cute little restaurants and shops ... That was so much fun. Glenside, Pennsylvania was awesome," the country star said.

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