Kim Plath Accidentally Drops A Huge Bomb On Her Daughters

Since its premiere in 2019, TLC's "Welcome to Plathville" has given viewers a wild ride as we've watched the Plath family grow over the last four seasons. While the unconventional family-centered reality show has come under fire as fans have speculated if the show's content is real or fake, the fandom of the show is very much genuine, with family members like Moriah Plath having an Instagram following of over 400,000 followers, while her sister-in-law, Olivia Plath, has over 380,000 followers on the app.

Over the years, we've seen siblings Micah and Moriah fly the coop, adventuring out on their own into adulthood despite their parents' wishes, as well as trials and tribulations between the eldest son, Ethan, and his wife, Olivia. However, as season four has illustrated, there's trouble in paradise for the matriarch and patriarch of the family, Kim Plath and Barry Plath. Earlier in the season, Kim revealed that her marriage with Barry was so strained that she announced she moved out of their family home.

Now, Kim has more to say about her marriage to Barry, and she's not shying away from keeping any details to her young daughters.

Kim Plath said the word divorce when talking to youngest daughters about Barry

Kim Plath, the mother of nine on the TLC hit "Welcome to Plathville," has gone through a transformation since audiences were first introduced to her four seasons ago, oftentimes viewed as overprotective and controlling. This season, though, Kim has been thriving: opening up a dance studio in town, rediscovering who she is, and recognizing aspects of her life that no longer seem to make her happy, including her marriage to her husband, Barry.

Earlier this season, it was revealed that Kim now sleeps on the couch at home (via YouTube). And since the couple owns rental properties, she also told her children that when there's vacancies, she stays there for the time being (via YouTube). As the season continues, Kim and Barry's fate seem to be headed more toward divorce, which she accidentally said to her youngest daughters, Cassia and Mercy, in a preview for this week's episode, according to TLC's Twitter account.

"Dad and I will always be friends," Kim said in the clip. "You know like a lot of people when they get divorced it's a big mess." Seemingly shocked by the word "divorce," Cassia exclaimed, "Wait what?" Kim then said off-camera, "I'm trying to be honest with the girls but at the same time not giving them details that they need right now. And I accidentally let the word 'divorce' slip. So far, I've only talked to the kids about being separated."