June Cancer Vs. July Cancer: What's The Difference?

When the clock strikes midnight on June 20th, a certain water sign comes to life. Someone born between June 21st and July 22nd is a Cancer: a warm, home-loving, infamously sensitive sign. Zodiac sign traits vary from person to person, of course, but there are a few common Cancerian tells. If someone is a real crybaby, they probably have Cancer somewhere in their chart. Cancers are also moody, comforting, and creative, with an innate desire to help others (via Co-Star).

What a Cancer may not realize is that not only their birth date affects their personality, but also their birth month. Several key differences exist between Cancers born in June and Cancers born in July — and even between Cancers born at the start of July versus the end of the month. If you're a Cancer, love a Cancer, or want to get to know a Cancer, read on for some important distinctions.

The difference is in the decan

Differences in astrological signs come down to decans. Picture the horoscope wheel: 12 different signs, arranged like the numbers on a clock face. Since the wheel is a circle, it contains 360 degrees. Each of the 12 signs contains 30 of the 360 degrees, and each sign's 30 degrees is broken down further into three equal parts (via LiveAbout). These 10-degree parts are called decans (via Tarot.com). Super easy, right?

If that all seems a little complicated, decans, at least, are pretty straightforward. Each decan is ruled by a different planet. A sign's first decan (from the first to 10th degree) belongs to the same sign — so, a Cancer's first decan is ruled by Cancer. However, different planets can pop up on the chart between degrees 11 through 20 or 21 through 30. If that happens, the second and third decans are ruled by different planets, and, therefore, different signs.

How does that affect a sign? Well, a decan must be the same element as the sign, meaning that all Cancer decans are also water signs. However, the other two water signs are very different from each other and bring different facets to a Cancer sun.

July Cancers feature Scorpio or Pisces influences

If a Cancer is born in June, they are in the first decan. Ruled by the moon, they're as Cancer-y as can be. They're most likely to exhibit stereotypical Cancer traits–to be the caregiver, ultimate homebody, and, as Co-Star says, "emotional packmule." Translation: if you're feeling a strong emotion near a Cancer, they're likely to feel that emotion as well.

Conversely, July Cancers (minus those born on the first) are either second or third decans. This means that an additional planet is ruling them — either Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, or Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Born between July 2nd and July 12th, second-decan Cancers share the intense, secretive natures of Scorpios. Cancers already try to hide their many emotions behind their tough outer shell, but Scorpios are even more likely to come across as mysterious and unknowable. Maybe because of this innate mystery, second-decan Cancers are also likely to enjoy anything outlandish and bizarre (via Astrology K).

Third-decan Cancers are linked to Pisces and their ruling planet, Neptune. The biggest similarity between Pisces and Cancers are their sometimes-uncontrollable moods. Third-decan Cancers, therefore, are perhaps the most emotional versions of an already emotional sign! Neptune also brings to third-decan Cancers a cosmic connection, which can generate feelings of disconnect and discontent with tedious earthly matters (via AstroOracle).

If you're a Cancer, don't forget your decans! You may discover that certain aspects of your personality make more sense than ever.