Stars You Had No Idea Were Twins

No, you don't have to get your eyeglass prescription checked. You may be seeing double, but that's because the celebs below have carbon-copies: they're twins! It's not new to be a twin in Hollywood (just look at duos like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Tia and Tamera Mowry), but it is uncommon for a famous celebrity to have a twin that's completely out of the realm of Hollywood. You'd be surprised at how many A-list celebs have twins that the public has absolutely no idea about.

So the next time you're on the street and you see someone who has an uncanny resemblance to one of your favorite Hollywood stars, you might actually be looking at someone who shares the same DNA as your idol!

Scarlett Johansson

Yep, you read that right: sultry actress Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother named Hunter. Although the Avengers starlet was born three minutes before Hunter, they are both the youngest of four children. And it's clear that they share a special bond: the star brought her handsome twin with her to the 2nd Annual Champions of Rockaway Hurricane Sandy Benefit just weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

In an interview with Parade magazine, Johansson and her brother both talked about how lucky they feel to have each other. "When we were growing up in New York City, we led very normal city lives," Hunter said. "We rode the subway to public school.... When we entered high school, her career started to grow and moviegoers would approach her in public...." But Hunter appreciates the moments in present day when his twin can remain low-key. "There are few places and moments when my sister can move about without being recognized. When those rare instances happen, I am reminded of a time before her celebrity, when we were kids, and I treasure that. She is my other half." 

Even more heartwarming, Johansson commented that she feels "very connected to him" and that "he's the most golden-hearted person." She shared how, for all of us, you "want someone to tell you what he witnessed in your life. My twin brother has always been that for me." It seems like these twins share a bond that will never be broken.

Vin Diesel

Could there really be another hunky, crime-fighting Vin Diesel look-alike in this world? Well... yes and no. It's true that the Fast and Furious actor does have a twin, but they couldn't look any more different! In a Facebook page tribute to his longtime friend, actor Paul Walker, Diesel revealed that he not only has a twin brother, but that his brother bears a striking resemblance to Walker. Diesel captioned the photo "The Two Pauls" and wrote, "You see... the other guy in the photo is also named Paul... and although they look more alike, he is actually my twin brother."

It seems that many tabloids missed Diesel's photo and rumors began swirling that a man with a similar resemblance to Diesel was his true twin. Diesel was quick to knock down the gossip though, in a Facebook live video that addressed the press who were coming up with the wacky stories. 

"You guys have been on this page for so long. Sometimes you guys have to help out the press because they can be so off," Diesel said to his fans, while aiming the video at a photo of the man the tabloids have said is Diesel's twin. "It's so unfair to this guy. I've never met that guy in my life!" Proof that twins don't always have to look exactly alike!

Eva Green

Eva Green has plenty of acting jobs on her résumé, but many will know her as the seductive Bond girl in Casino Royale. This demure temptress has a fraternal twin, a sister named Joy and, even though they don't look exactly alike, there's a definitely a resemblance — but Green insists that she and her twin are actually nothing alike. In an interview with The Daily Mail, she explained that they are at two opposite sides of the spectrum. 

"Joy and I are very contrasting characters. She never wanted to act, which was quite good because it would have been very competitive between us," she said. "We fought and were quite nasty to one another, but now we get on really well. She keeps all the clippings about me." It seems like the two went from sinister to supportive through the years, just like any typical sibling relationship!

Even more than that, sometimes Green wishes she could switch lives with her twin. "She has an amazing life in Italy. She's married to a count," Green said in an interview with Elle magazine. "I wish I could be her sometimes. She's more down to earth."

Rami Malek

Mr. Robot fans, you're in luck: Rami Malek, who plays the incredible character of Elliot Alderson, has an identical twin named Sami. The two look so alike, in fact, that he admitted on-air with Jimmy Kimmel Live that they switched places with one another a lot when they were younger. "We were troublemakers as kids. We did some bad stuff," Malek said, ultimately revealing to Kimmel that he stood in for his twin when Sami was short on college credits and had to act out a monologue to earn enough points to receive his degree. Let's hope Sami's university doesn't watch nighttime television!

With all of the trouble they caused when the two were younger, it's no wonder that their older sister, an ER doctor, is considered a favorite in the Malek family. "I always think they are probably most happy with her. She's really special... I grew up with a twin, so I think there might have been moments of jealousy and moments where she took it out on us in a mean way," Malek said to Interview magazine. "There were moments when she would pit us against one another: 'Who's going to be my best friend for the week? Is it you, or is it your brother?' All of a sudden, your soulmate, who's your twin, the allegiance is lost." It's good to see that the two twins get along famously now, even if there might have been some sibling rivalry in their past.

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes — who's best known for portraying Carla, the lovable RN on Scrubs — plays the role of twin sister in her real life. But Reyes and her twin, Joselin, couldn't look any more different when they were growing up, because they're "actually fraternal twins. We stopped looking alike in the 5th grade and now as we're past our 4th decade of existence, we're starting to look alike again," Reyes told Smashing Interviews Magazine back in 2011. And, unlike the Malek twins, Judy and Joselin weren't able to swap lives or play any practical jokes, saying they "weren't that lucky to be the identical ones, but maybe that's why we became actresses."

That's right — both sisters had dreams of becoming Hollywood stars. "My twin sister did want to be an actress when she was about 10, and then she just dropped it in high school. I was always in love with films and television but I didn't know that's what I wanted to do until my late teens or early 20s. But once it just clicked for me there was no turning back." Good thing, otherwise Scrubs just wouldn't feel the same without her.

Ashton Kutcher

Jokester Ashton Kutcher is actually seriously emotional when it comes to his twin, Michael. In an interview with USA Weekend, Kutcher discussed what it was like having a twin who suffered from cerebral palsy and almost died when they were 13 years old. "I saw some stuff I probably shouldn't have seen and I didn't want to be involved, and I didn't want to have to take a side," Kutcher said. "I [also] didn't want to come home and find more bad news about my brother."

Fortunately, things changed for the better, and Kutcher credits his brother Michael for teaching him important life lessons. When Kutcher won the Robert D. Ray Character Award, his speech was beyond emotional, and praised Michael

"I was born a twin, and from the moment I came into this world, I had to share it with someone. I shared every birthday, every Christmas... I shared everything I had in this world and I didn't know that there was another way, because I always had my brother with me," Kutcher said. "My brother was born with cerebral palsy and he taught me... that people aren't actually all created equal... but we all have the equal capacity to love one another. And my brother taught me that." Whoever says that Kutcher can't be anything but funny couldn't be farther from the truth — especially when it comes to family.

Laverne Cox

That's right: Orange Is The New Black's Laverne Cox is a twin! Cox's brother, M. Lamar is a talented artist and composer who is very much famous in his own rite. But M. Lamar knew that his sister was bound for greatness from an early age. "We're twins and you were studying dance and ballet most of our time growing up. But I remember seeing you... in a performance do a dance and then a monologue afterwards and I thought, 'This is what you should be doing — acting',"  M. Lamar said in an interview with Cox for Huffington Post. But he insists that he doesn't want the same attention that Cox gets in the media. "What I do is not designed to cross over to the mainstream," he said in an interview with World of Wonder. "That's not my goal. I'm not looking for that sort of fame or recognition."

But M. Lamar did in fact make an appearance on mainstream TV playing Cox's character Sophia Burset in her life pre-transition on Orange Is The New Black. While on air with Conan O'Brien, Cox mentioned that her twin became offended when a stranger on the subway mistook him for his sister — "he was offended not because [the stranger] thought I was a man — because my brother is clearly a guy — he was offended that someone thought he was an actor!"

Gisele Bündchen

While she's known on the Victoria's Secret runway as an angel, at home, Gisele Bündchen has an entirely different role: twin. Although they are fraternal, both she and her sister Patricia are beyond beautiful, made evident in a post by Bündchen on their shared birthday that shows the two posing together in multiple photos. "Happy birthday super Pati!!! I wish you the most amazing things in this world," it reads (translated). "Thank you for being always there for me, since the very beginning. I love you so much."

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the Bündchen twins gush about one another. "I wasn't so popular; my twin sister was definitely more popular than I was. She has a great personality — everyone liked her," Gisele said. "The 'in' people weren't so much into me, but I didn't care. My sisters were my best friends, always. It was a great life, and obviously it made me know who I am. If I were told I could come back as anything, I would have chosen the same life, the same family, the same experiences, the same friends." 

Gisele was "very talkative, and she wasn't afraid to be away from home for some time even when she was little," says Patricia. "She was very brave, and she was always trying to protect her sisters — something like 'Don't mess with my sisters or you'll have to deal with me!'" Sounds like these two are much more than just twins — they're best friends!