What Does It Mean To Dream About The Ocean?

Have you ever had a dream that had a lasting effect on you? Most of us have. While there are different theories as to why we dream, many folks believe that interpreting your dreams can give you some insight into what's really going on in your brain. Knowing more about your own psyche can help you make positive changes in your life. There are certain symbols that frequently appear in vivid dreams and may send specific messages. 

If you've had a dream about the ocean recently, you're definitely not alone. The ocean is a common symbol in dreams. What it symbolizes, though, varies from person to person. In Cynthia Richmond's book "Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life," she writes, "In the language of dreams, water often represents our emotional life, the feelings we have under the surface..."

If water symbolizes our emotions, then the nature of the water that appears in your dream can reflect the emotions you're feeling. The ocean is full of mystery, and your ocean dream probably feels the same way. To uncover its message to you, you'll need to think about how exactly it appeared in your dream.

Dreams about rough waters

A choppy, dangerous ocean gives off a very different feeling than calm, clear water. So, it's no surprise that our minds associate crashing waves and serene seas with different emotions. If you saw dark, ominous ocean waters in your dream, you're likely feeling isolated in your waking life. If the waves are violent and choppy, you might be about to embark on a trying period of time. If you swam with sharks in your dream, your mind could be trying to tell you that you're spending time with the wrong crowd (via Cleverly Smart).

Dreams can be bad omens or indicators of future events that you're worried about. Even so, this doesn't mean that having a bad dream is bad news. Dreams that are bad omens give you the opportunity to make changes and get onto the right path. For example, if you fall into the ocean in your dream, this could be a warning that you're going to lose something. That means you might want to be extra aware of your surroundings.

Drowning is another common dream symbol. If you dreamt of drowning in the ocean, your brain is likely telling you that you are ignoring problems in your life that need attention. If you're trying to swim and finding it difficult, you could be feeling overwhelmed during your waking hours (via Journey Into Dreams).

Dreams about a peaceful ocean

If dreams about violent waters are bad omens, it's no surprise that a dream about the calm ocean is just the opposite. If you simply saw the ocean in your dream, it could mean that good things are in store for you. If the ocean is peaceful and calm, you might just have a happy phase of life ahead of you and you're feeling at peace (via Journey Into Dreams). If you're looking out over the ocean, it could mean that you're in search of a connection with another person. If your nighttime encounter with the ocean involved lounging on the beach or collecting seashells on the shore, it means you're likely enjoying life right now.

Seeing sharks in your dream are a bad sign, but dolphins are actually spiritual dream guides. Swimming in the same direction as dolphins means you're probably on a good path (via Cleverly Smart). If you're going in the opposite direction of your dream dolphin, you may be having unconscious doubts about a decision you're making. If this is the case, trust your gut (and your dream dolphins!)

Now that you know what your ocean dream means, you can rest easy tonight. No matter what's going on in your life, your dreams have got your back.