Prince George's Debut Wimbledon Appearance Has Twitter Talking

Was Prince George taking a page out of his little brother Prince Louis' playbook from the Platinum Jubilee when he made his Wimbledon debut? Remember just last month, the youngest Cambridge child stole the show with hilarious antics during the Trooping the Colour parade. While George seemed to find humor in his sibling's behavior, the older brother kept it together during the event.


Now, just weeks later, the royal, who is third in line for the throne, attended the prestigious tennis tournament with his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, for the first time (via People). And, George seemed to struggle a bit, looking alternatingly bored, upset and, well, just plain uncomfortable.

To be fair, the UK is experiencing a rare heat wave seeing temperatures soar into the 80s (via National World). Given that the young prince wore a suit to Wimbledon, we can only imagine how hot he must have been.

No matter the reason for the nearly 9-year-old's spirited reaction from the Royal Box, Twitter was really in love with his range of expressions.

Prince George knows the game of tennis

In 2019, it was reported that a then 5-year-old Prince George was taking private tennis lessons from none other than Roger Federer (Marie Claire). So clearly the young man understands the game of tennis. As such, many Twitter users noted that judging by the royal's reaction to the men's final at Wimbledon, he was really feeling the ups and downs inherent in the sport. "Prince George got the assignment! He is following the action," one royal fan tweeted.


Meanwhile, many fans couldn't help but weigh in on Prince George's attire for the men's final. "Poor boy must be boiling wearing a shirt, tie and jacket," someone said. One Twitter user begged the royal family to let the clearly-overheated kid just wear a tee-shirt.

But as plenty of folks noted, the Royal Box at Wimbledon has a dress code, which the young man was expected to follow.

Prince George witnessed Nick Kyrgios melt down at Wimbledon

Another theme that emerged on Twitter upon Prince George making his debut at Wimbledon was a comparison between this occasion and the day in 1991 when his dad Prince William accompanied Princess Diana to the same event. As royal correspondent Rebecca Russell noted, it was the women's final William attended, during which he too sported a suit like his son.


Finally, a lot of Twitter users were left snickering over how George must have been shocked by the language he heard coming off the tennis court. After all, as Express reports, the BBC ended up apologizing for Nick Kyrgios' "X-rated rant" during his intense game with Novak Djokovic. Metro reported that the prince looked unimpressed while Kyrgios admonished an umpire on live TV over a fan who seemingly had too much to drink — and with the royal in earshot.

As one Twitter user joked, not only did today mark the royal's Wimbledon debut, but he also heard "language...he never know existed."