Ethan Plath Reveals His True Feelings About His Parents' Divorce

The Plath family of "Welcome to Plathville" fame have been experiencing a lot of changes this year. Season 4 of their hit reality show is currently airing on TLC and fans are watching the Plaths go through various life changes all at once.

Moriah Plath, one of Kim and Barry Plath's daughters, chose to leave the family's strict rules and make a life outside of their Georgia home with her brother Ethan and his wife, Olivia, in Florida. When her boyfriend cheated on her, the drama was only just beginning for the Plath family (via Screen Rant).

While Moriah was dealing with her own breakup, her parents announced that they were separating (via People). The divorce did not come as a shock for fans of the show. The couple was living separately throughout the show's fourth season.

When it comes to the Plath kids, no one seems to be having a tougher time navigating life than Ethan, the family's eldest son. In a clip from an upcoming episode of "Welcome to Plathville," Ethan shares how he really feels about all of the changes going on within his family.

Ethan recently opened up about how all of the family's changes are impacting him

Ethan Plath has been struggling with life changes for a while. Before leaving his home state of Georgia for life in Florida, he was struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with his wife, Olivia (via InTouch Weekly). The couple experienced several highs and lows, but have ultimately been able to keep their marriage intact.

However, in a recent clip from an episode of "Welcome to Plathville," you can see how the changes within the family are impacting Ethan, and as result, his marriage to Olivia. In the clip, Ethan is returning from a trip to Georgia where he visited his father, Barry. During his trip, he wasn't in touch with Olivia, ignoring her 16 phone calls and staying longer than expected. Upon his return, tensions flared with Olivia, and he opened up about the pain he was feeling.

"I'm feeling pretty depressed and frustrated for a number of reasons," Ethan shared. "Obviously my parents' divorce, the motorcycle quit on the way down, I knew Olivia was going to be upset and we were going to have an argument over me being with my dad. Once she finds that out, add all that up, I'm about at my limit."

Tensions did begin to boil over between Ethan and Olivia in that clip, but fans were unable to see her reaction to the time he spent with his father. Time will tell if the couple makes it through the tough times.