If You're A Capricorn, Here's The Adult Toy You Should Try

The serious Capricorn, also known as the goat, are hard workers who are equal parts stubborn and sensitive, though they try to hide the latter however they can. The people around them may not even realize the depth of Capricorns' emotional life — since everyone gets a few things wrong about this particular group — making water and earth signs the best match to get them to open up. 

This earth sign is known for their intellect and grounded nature, and they are deeply loyal to their friends and partners. They apply logic to most situations and are no less astute when it comes to selecting their adult toys and playmates. Though it may be hard to get Capricorn to break up a particularly productive streak for some hanky panky, when you've got their attention, they're laser-focused on the task at hand. 

Adult toys are a financial and physical decision that Capricorns will make with a great deal of care, but that doesn't mean they aren't willing to go outside their comfort zone every once in a while just for the thrill of it. The trick to finding the perfect toy for Cap is motivating them to turn their analytical skills toward their own pleasure. Once they figure out what they need, Capricorns are powerful players in the bedroom — though they may occasionally want their partners to challenge their tendency to take control.

The earth sign may like to play things safe at first

Capricorn may chose their adult toy based on guaranteed results found in thorough and wide-ranging case studies. For the cautious, yet playful Cap though, Refinery29 and Allure both suggest a Magic Wand, while Style Caster is on team Rabbit Vibrator to get the job done. For the technologically advanced Cap, they may seek out a remote controlled vibrator to make them feel especially in control of the toy in play.

For either solo time or partnered experiences, Cap might be into a stationary dildo with a few tricks up its sleeve, like the ballistic remote controlled dildo from Lovers. Whatever their toy of choice, one thing is for certain: Capricorns are less likely to experiment with the unknown than some of their astrological siblings. However, when a Cap takes a risk and reaps the reward, they may realize they've pigeonholed themselves in a less than satisfying approach to pleasure. Though Cap won't admit their tried and true methods were anything but the best, they can't ignore the facts, and may eventually choose a new set of go-to toys — that is, until the next time they're blown away.

The adventurous Cap might give up control

Strong-minded Capricorn is dedicated to their convictions, but the right idea might just inspire them to play a submissive role for the sake of their own pleasure. Elle points to handcuffs as the first stop on Cap's journey toward loosening the reins. If this sign really wants to let their partner take the lead, though, they can try the under the bed restraint system from Lovers for a truly unique sensual experience. Glamour also calls out Cap's secret submissive desires, suggesting some light sensory deprivation to unlock their instinctual side — a blindfold may help the earth sign step out of their logical approach to life for once.

Vice suggests a vibrator that is connected to an online system, but it totally checks if the paranoid Capricorn is unsure of giving the internet access to their intimate time. However, the app-enabled Lioness vibrator may be right for a data-loving Cap, since you can sync your sessions with the toy and look at all the facts in graph form, per Vice's review. The toy was also matched up with Cap in Refinery29's astrological write up for the signs, which definitely points toward some kind of high-tech play in Capricorn's future.