How The July 13 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Gemini

Are you one of the lucky people who can talk about anything and never let a conversation get dull? Are you the life of every party? Do people tell you that "multitasking" should be your middle name? Then it's a pretty sure bet that you're a Gemini (or maybe you have a lot of Gemini in your chart). People born between May 21 and June 20 are naturally social, adept at communicating (Mercury is their ruling planet), and great at generating ideas, according to Allure

If you're a Gemini, you'll have plenty of reason to rejoice on July 13. That's when the next full moon is scheduled to appear in the sky, and it's going to be a doozy. The July full moon is known by a number of names, per NASA: The northeastern Algonquin tribes referred to it as the Buck Moon or the Thunder Moon, while in Europe, it was traditionally known as the Hay Moon or Mead Moon. But more significant than the moon's name will be its size: explains that this will be the biggest supermoon of the year, when the brilliant orb will come closer to Earth than at any time in the following months and appear to be bigger than normal.

The full moon is said to be the best time to finalize plans and release any negative energy or habits that have been dragging you down, per the New York Post. For Geminis this month, it could also mean some very good news! 

The July 13 full moon could spell major romance for Gemini

Lucky you, Gemini! AstroStyle reports that the July 13 supermoon falls squarely in your house of intimacy and sexuality. You'll not only be more open about your romantic feelings, but raring to act on them. Not even the hot weather will cramp your love life when the full moon is in the sky. They also recommend fitting in a little more exercise and nutrition, just to make sure you're in prime shape to act on those sensual urges (and who would know better about advice for Gemini than the AstroTwins?).

However, cautions the New York Post, if you and your partner aren't on the best of terms, this could be the make-or-break time. If you can't come to an agreement on the issues that have been creating tensions, the healthiest thing for both of you could be just to call it quits.

A good way to avoid those tensions in the first place, per Today, is to use the Buck Moon's energy as it aspects the other planets, such as Mercury in the emotional sign of Cancer. For all zodiac signs, this is going to be a time to come clean about your feelings and let those secrets come out, even if it feels difficult. For Gemini, this also means realizing your own self-worth and making it clear to loved ones what you are and aren't willing to accept. 

Geminis could get some awesome financial news

For Geminis, July 2022 has been an auspicious month for money matters, explains Susan Miller of AstrologyZone. The new moon's energy helped pave the way for Twins to ask for raises, receive bonuses, or start that side hustle they've always dreamed of doing. Now, the supermoon becomes a spotlight for finalizing those deals — and, says Miller, some even better news surrounding money could come when you least expect it. "You won't see it coming, so don't try to guess. That's the fun of it!" she teases. 

Just make sure that your extra financial drive doesn't come at the cost of burnout. As Women's Health explains, Geminis are going to need to be especially careful not to sacrifice fun and relaxation for the sake of work. Normally, that's not a problem for you, Gemini — social butterfly that you are, you can't stay stuck at your desk for long. But you might be feeling a little bored at the workplace, says Cosmopolitan, because there's a particular task or routine that's dragging you down. The full moon is calling on you to figure out what it might be. 

Are you taking on more of your coworkers' responsibilities so that they can go on summer vacation, Gemini? Remember that the full moon is in your eighth house of boundaries, says Elite Daily. Kindly remind them that you have your own leisure-time plans (and if you don't, have at least one beach weekend on your calendar yet, plan one post-haste!).