The Sexiest Things Brady Whispered To Brie In Season 4 Of Virgin River

Contains major spoilers for "Virgin River" Season 4.

Our favorite bad boy from "Virgin River" is having a coming-out party of sorts in Season 4. The show's Dan Brady, played by actor Ben Hollingsworth, is stepping out of his emotional darkness this season. Oh, and his clothes; he's definitely stepping out of his clothes with decided regularity. So, right away, Season 4 is bringing that rugged, off-grid "Virgin River" heat that makes us want to trade our Chanel for Carhartt.

Of course, we suspected that this season would be big on romance for the character. Hollingsworth hinted at such in an interview with iHeart Radio, where he shared his go-to tricks for a steamy date night — massage oil and remote control candles. First of all, yes, please. But also, why remote control candles, specifically? "After the massage and uh, something else," Hollingsworth shares, "I'm exhausted. I don't have time to go blow out candles."

We totally get it. He needs to save his energy for Season 4.

Brady's bedside manner is the cure for your Virgin River cravings

When the series closed out Season 3, Brady's fate was a major cliffhanger. In the third season, we see glimpses of Brady's vulnerability and, as actor Ben Hollingsworth says, "more skin." In an interview with Us Weekly, the actor discussed the challenges of prepping for the sexier character arc. "I went from eating everything I wanted and wearing sweatpants 24/7 to having to get very naked very quickly."

And, as we begin Season 4, we're seeing a continuation of that trend. Plus, we're emotionally upended once again when Brady is stabbed in prison and rushed to the hospital. But it's not long before Brie (Zibby Allen) cajoles her way past the armed guard outside Brady's hospital room. Once inside, she refuses to leave his side, waiting for him to wake up so she can let him know that Jack's memory returned, and he now knows Brady is wrongly accused of his shooting.

But she also rekindles the flames of their tumultuous love affair and finally discloses how much she loves him. This sets into motion a bad boy sexy-whisper-a-thon that we're thrilled to share lasts all season long. So, we graciously volunteered to review all of the intimate moments between Brady and Brie in Season 4 to create a guide to the sexiest things Brady whispered to Brie in "Virgin River."

Brady wastes no time in setting the tone of Season 4

Episode two of "Virgin's River's" fourth installment is where Brady sets the tone for the season. And that tone is a hushed, breathy whisper. Although there are times that Brady has "Virgin River" fans divided, he consistently delivers some of the show's most memorable plot twists.

In what has become one of the character's signature appeals, Brady is known to break from his rugged persona to deliver the show's most knee-weakening moments. There's a format, and it's scientifically proven to cause heart flutters — or so it seems from our totally objective observations.

Here's the playbook. Brady and Brie share an intimate chat, and the vulnerability is palpable. And then, Brady will lower his voice, touch her face, and say something swoon-worthy. Finally, we get our first — long overdue — whisper in Episode 2 when Brie proclaims her love for him in the hospital. He's still groggy but can muster the energy for a velvety voice of comfort, "You don't need to cry. I'm right here. Okay? Everything's going to be all right."

The shirt's off and the heat is on

As the untold truth of Virgin River unfolds, the hospital reunion is nothing compared to the scene that follows once Brady returns home. He finds his house has been trashed, presumably by Calvin's crew, so he cracks open a beer and just hunkers down on the couch. But Brie shows up, and the reunion is hands-down the sexiest scene of the show's seasons thus far. Obviously, the characters have incredible chemistry, but it's the sultry amalgam of music and on-screen magic that leaves the audience breathless.

The music builds as Brady gazes down at Brie and then does the classic two-handed face clutch kiss. They make their way to the couch — all entangled with one another — while the dramatic music builds. And then he peels off his shirt, and lo and behold, it's clear somebody scheduled a little me time while in the slammer because he's downright glowing. His stab wound is covered with a bandage, and a worried Brie asks if it hurts. And then he whispers, amidst a dramatic pause in the music, "not enough to stop."

What the sweet hell? What kind of sultry sorcery is this man serving up? Bravo, sir. We'd tip our hat to you, but we must pick ourselves up off the floor first.

If Brady whispers sweet nothings in the woods, will we still swoon?

Well, perhaps the wholesome setting of Virgin River's annual Renaissance Fair can offer a reprieve from the Brady-Brie whisper wooing? But, alas, thy be foolish to think that the gallant gent and fair maiden can keep their hands off one another!

All the town has gathered in the woods for the long-awaited event and fully costumed, no less, as noted by PureWow. Brady sheepishly agrees to wear a Pied Piper-style hat, much to the giddy delight of Brie. But, it's not all court jesters, Meade, and merrymaking. Unfortunately, Brady is leery of seeing Jack, and Brie is put in the awkward position of telling him that the strife with her brother could be a relationship issue if not resolved. So, we start to wonder if there's trouble on the horizon.

Instead, we're gifted another scene where Brady delivers a hushed verbal caress. This time, we'll leave the bow on the package so you can experience the big reveal for yourself. But be warned, it involves cotton candy.