Barry Plath Makes A Huge Confession About Kim Amid Their Divorce

Since it premiered in 2019, TLC's "Welcome to Plathville" has given viewers a glimpse into the lives of the Plaths, a conservative family of 11 living in rural Georgia. Many of the reality show's juicy storylines have focused on the brood's nine children. Previously, the eldest son, Ethan Plath, hit a rough patch in his marriage with wife Olivia Plath. And Moriah Plath, the show's rebellious 19-year-old star, has struggled to abide by her parents' strict rules.

But the Plath children aren't the only ones stirring up drama. The family matriarch, Kim Plath, first revealed that she had moved out and was no longer living with husband Barry Plath in June. Shortly after, the couple told People that they had separated after 24 years of marriage. Now, the pair are navigating a looming divorce, and Barry has opened up about his feelings on the split and how he truly feels about Kim now.

Barry Plath believes Kim is lying to herself

Barry and Kim Plath discussed what caused their marriage to crumble in a clip from an upcoming episode of "Welcome to Plathville." Kim explained her side, saying, "Several months ago we talked about how you would treat me sometimes. You know, being harsh, taking frustrations out on me ... And I started realizing that was affecting me and how I felt about myself and everything." Barry seemed to agree, responding, "Right. Guilty as charged."

Kim continued, "Yeah and a few months ago when I told you that I felt like you were only trying to do just enough to get me to stay, but not really valuing me, loving me for who I am, that's not a marriage I want to save. That's a marriage I want out of."

Barry appeared to affirm Kim's perspective until he shared his true thoughts in a confessional. Away from his estranged wife, he admitted that he thinks Kim is telling herself a lie and that her version of events may not be accurate, even if they feel real to her. He then explained that he's "in defense mode" after the hurt that he's endured. But when asked if he still loves Kim, he smiled and confirmed that he does.

Still, a reconciliation seems unlikely, with Barry calling their marriage "DOA [dead on arrival]." For now, the Plath patriarch seems to be focusing on family, making amends with Ethan Plath and appearing in Moriah Plath's Instagram posts.