5 Adaptive Clothing Brands To Check Out During Disability Pride Month

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July is Disability Pride Month, a month dedicated to accepting and uplifting the different abilities of each individual, according to America's Disability Community. Although Disability Pride Month isn't nationally recognized, it remains an important time for many across the nation, according to USA Today.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush on July 26, 1990, the same year the city of Boston hosted its first Disability Pride Day. Other cities followed suit in the coming years, including Los Angeles, New York City, and San Antonio. Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that July would be Disability Pride Month in 2015, commemorating the ADA's 25th anniversary.

Companies, associations, and individuals have adopted the celebration of Disability Pride Month as a "direct challenge to systemic ableism and stigmatizing definitions of disability," according to America's Disability Community." Clothing brands that feature adaptive clothing are creating pieces that are designed for people with disabilities to be able to dress independently, according to USA Today. Other types of adaptive garments can help those who experience sensitivities to certain textures of clothing.

Whether you have a disability seen or unseen, temporary or permanent, you can support these adaptive clothing brands during Disability Pride Month and beyond while showing support for people with disabilities.

Shop Social Surge for inclusive and accessible casual fashion

Social Surge co-founder Meredith Aleigha Wells has first-hand experience navigating a fashion industry that has a number of confining boxes. Nonbinary and a person with a disability, Wells told WhoWhatWear about why making inclusive and accessible clothing was a true need. "I've always loved fashion as a nonbinary and disabled person, but that love hasn't always been reciprocated. I'm often forced to choose between function or fashion or, even worse, between the men's or women's section."

But Wells found comfort and passionate collaborators within Social Surge. The brand, a sustainable, ethical, and universally designed upstart hinges on analyzing "the challenges people with disabilities face on a daily basis and learning about their specific requirements in terms of fashion and functionality, we have created designs that enable people of all abilities to dress with confidence, dignity, self-reliance, and personal style." Size, ability, and gender identity can't confine the creators of Social Surge in their sleek universal designs.

Tommy Hilfilger Adaptive for a classic professional staple

Staying true to the brand's classic designs, Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive has created pieces that cater to people of various abilities. Though the buttons are for show, the hidden magnets or velcro patches behind the seams provide a discreet option for making getting dressed independently more accessible. With one-handed zippers, sensory-friendly fabrics, and high-quality clothes, Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive has become a leader in inclusive clothing. "Kids with Down syndrome grow a bit slower, so we appreciate the quality of Tommy Adaptive because we know the products will last," a parent told the brand.

The brand offers styles for children, women, and men. From kids' summer styles to office classics, Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive has a large range of adaptive clothing pieces to offer. "There needs to be more adaptive wear by more designers because there definitely is a need for it. Thank you, Hilfiger, for this line and this campaign! Bravo!" said one reviewer.

Adaptive underwear available from Slick Chicks

Adaptive underwear allows users to clasp each side to make getting dressed less of a challenge. Slick Chicks offers adaptive loungewear, underwear, and bras. Helya Mohammadian saw a need for inclusive and adaptive underwear after her sister's experience giving birth, according to the site. "The journey started in 2012 when my sister gave birth to my adorable nephew. Like many women often do, she had complications during labor and had to undergo an emergency C-section," she explained. "Something as personal as putting on her underwear, she couldn't do alone."

Mohammodian decided to start a brand that would help people like her sister who, whether facing long-term or short-term disabilities, would be empowered and more independent. Their underwear can be put on standing up, sitting down, or lying horizontally. From hoodies, crop tops, undies, and bras, Slick Chick has basics for making each step of getting dressed easier.

Seven7's everyday adaptive denim

Denim is a classic staple of many people's wardrobes. Seven7 has a range of adaptive denim jeans for wheelchair users and beyond. Their adaptive designs come in a number of washes and colors that will give you plenty of options for your personal denim section. Need large cargo pockets? Check. Velcro openings? They got it. And while most jeans are uncomfortable for wheelchair users because of their designs, Seven7's everyday denim gives wheelchair users a chance to be comfortable and stylish. Their jeans have a low cut designed specifically for those sitting down, making them more flattering and less awkward.

A quick Internet search shows that Seven7 jeans are offered by a host of retailers including Macy's, Zappos, Walmart, Amazon, and Kohls. Their list of cuts and styles is even more extensive, covering everything from straight fits to skinny jeans, boot cuts to jogger style jeans. Available for men and women, Seven7's seated and adaptive jeans would make for a classic fashion addition.

Target Adaptive for cute, affordable kids' adaptive clothing

Kids' styles can be adaptive and fashionable, too. Target has inclusive styles that take into consideration sensory issues, different abilities, and independence. Wearing adaptive clothing shouldn't mean kids can't have colorful, fun designs. Partnering with Cat & Jack, Target a range of pieces for every season from jumpsuits to fleece jackets. Their adaptive t-shirts have the funny and lighthearted designs that kids love, including an adorable olive green graphic tee with a "S'more-O-Saurus Rex" illustrated on it (caution: cuteness overload). Every kid should have the chance to show off their favorite pun-based t-shirt. Target's adaptive line has details like magnetic buttons, side zippers, easy abdominal access for medical care, and soft cotton/polyester fabrics. And with simple pieces that are a part of many children's wardrobes like jeans, dresses, leggings, and pajamas, there are great options for each season, time of day, and event.