Steer Clear Of These Crystals If You're An Aquarius

There are many reasons to have crystals in your home. Some may like to decorate with gorgeous stones, while others could use them to cleanse their house or connect with certain energies. Meanwhile, others believe that crystals have healing power and can help them with issues such as stress and some physical illnesses, per Healthline.


"Crystals absorb energy from pressure and movement and convert it into an electronic frequency," says Jude Polack, founder of a crystal-infused water bottle company. "It's this frequency, unique to each type of crystal, that users are relying on when working with crystals, and given that many pain and anxiety relief devices work on similar principles, we do believe they can help in these areas."

According to Daily Titan, many use crystals to help with issues such as anxiety, mental blockages, and the flow of negative energy, as well as a way to heal their emotional trauma. Of course, some crystals may seem to work better for certain people depending on their personality traits. If you're an Aquarius, there are definitely crystals that you may want to check out, and others that you should steer clear of.


Aquarius may want to think twice before using quartz

If you were born under the sign of Aquarius (January 20 to February 18), using Moonstone may be a great idea for you. Moonstone is said to help the air sign gain emotional stability and connect deeply with their feelings, per Divine Twist. Because the sign is known for being hard on themselves when they fail, Moonstone is good for helping them achieve their goals and motivating them to keep trying when things go wrong. However, if you're using Moonstone beware of pairing the crystal with Clear Quartz.


Black Tree Lab reveals that using Clear Quartz with Moonstone may not be a good idea. Clear Quartz is known to amplify the energy of other crystals, and the energy of the Moonstone may prove to be too much when using Clear Quartz alongside it. Aquarius should also try to avoid using Clear Quartz with Green Aventurine, per Hobbyist Geek.

Cosmopolitan notes that Aventurine is a great stone for Aquarius as it can bring out your creative side, as well as your intuition. It's also said to work well for writers. However, using pure quartz with the crystal may be a bad idea, as one stone is all about giving strength, while the other is known for soothing and relaxation.

Aquarius should avoid Carnelian and Sapphire

If you're an Aquarius looking to get more in touch with your spiritual side, Amethyst can be one of the most useful crystals to use (via Cosmic Cuts). The stone helps with intuition and guidance, and can also aid in reducing the stress that the air sign can often feel in their lives. While Amethyst is a popular choice for its gorgeous purple color and believed healing properties, the stone shouldn't be used along with Carnelian, per Sonoma Sun.


The outlet reveals that Carnelian is meant to boost a person's energy and vibes, while Amethyst is supposed to have a calming impact on the user. So the crystals would conflict with one another if used together.

Another great option for Aquarians is Ruby. Cosmopolitan suggests that the sign use the stunning stones for courage, passion, and positive vibes. Rubies are said to help people see things in a positive way, as well as help navigate emotions and feelings. However, Ruby shouldn't be used together with any stones associated with Saturn, including blue sapphires. Using the two together can create a negative impact as their energies don't mesh together (via Wishes n Kisses).

It appears that Aquarius has plenty of great crystals that will help them during their spiritual practices. However, pairing those crystals with the right stones is key to allowing them to work correctly.