These Adorable Pictures Will Make You Reconsider Everything You Ever Thought About Bats

Bats have a reputation for being spooky and creepy, which is why they're one of the animals synonymous with Halloween. And what story of Dracula (or any vampire) would be complete without mention of said vampire taking flight in the form of a vampire bat? Even if you can chalk all of that up to superstition and make believe, a lot of people still aren't super keen on the idea of what they think amounts to a flying rat. 

But bats are super useful, chomping down on those annoying mosquitoes and other bugs, and pollinating plants. Beyond that, if you can set aside what you already think about bats, they can actually be pretty cute. Here are just a few adorable bats that will make you question everything you think you know about spooky, creepy bats.