The 5 Best Magazine Subscriptions To Gift The Men In Your Life

It can be tricky to know what to get someone as a gift, especially with so many choices. Additionally, men can be infinitely trickier to buy for, with Psychology Today suggesting the reason for this is because they tend to be more indecisive and find it difficult to think about what could bring them happiness. However, something like a magazine subscription is a good general gift due to the content within. 

Studies suggest that gifts are most well-received when they are meaningful. Most magazines contain a variety of topics, but a few are more specialized. Because of this, you want to ensure that the magazine subscription you purchase is the right choice for the recipient. 

Whether you're looking for a subscription that suits your geography-obsessed dad or something for your younger cousin who recently got into health and fitness, there's a magazine subscription out there to suit every man in your family and friend group.

GQ is one of the most well known men's magazines in the world

As reported by Magazine, GQ is the leading men's magazine. You can find recipes and restaurant reviews alongside more health and fitness-related subjects like working out and nutrition. Its owner company Condé Nast describes it as "the flagship of men's fashion and style in America" and notes the magazine's dedication to bringing the highest caliber journalism to each topic. Whether it's reporting on fashion, news, lifestyle, commentary, or entertainment, GQ has it all. 

You honestly can't go wrong with a subscription to GQ, as the range of articles means there's something for everyone. As outlined by GQ, a yearly subscription starts at $24.99, which gives you access to both print and digital editions. You'll receive a cool GQ hat too as a little extra something. The first year is also only $15, making it a great deal if bought as a gift for someone. 

Additionally, you can purchase a special package consisting of four gift boxes delivered to your house annually. Costing $50 per year, each box will contain products chosen and loved by GQ editors, with the value guaranteed to be $200 and over (via GQ).

For the health conscious, Men's Health is full of fitness tips

For the gym-obsessed men in your life, or perhaps those who want to get into health and fitness more, Men's Health is a good choice. It is rated highly by its readers and has a four and a half star rating on Influenster from 199 reviews, with many citing the included recipes and tips on how to stay healthy as the reason they enjoy it. The magazine describes itself as "the number one source of information for and about men" and focuses mainly on nutrition, weight loss, working out, and general health — popular topics amongst men who are hoping to achieve a perfect body

Men's Health offers three subscription tiers to choose from, starting at just $3 a month for a digital edition. If you want to commit a little more, you can buy an annual subscription for $20. This subscription includes both print and digital editions, of which there are 10 per year. If you want to go all out, there is a premium all-access tier too. Costing $85 yearly, this tier includes everything from the previous tiers alongside an exclusive full subscription to the Men's Health streaming service. This service will give you access to over 450 workouts (valued at $89.99).

It isn't just all about fitness and nutrition with this subscription aimed at trendy men

Aimed toward the fashion-forward man, V Man centers on all things fashion as well as art, music, film, and architecture. Its basic premise is to report on all things fashion and fashion-related across different mediums, making it a perfect choice for a man who likes to keep his finger on the style pulse. 

An offshoot of V Magazine, V Man attracts readers that are "urban sophisticates and cultural trendsetters." However, it is only published twice a year, making it more of a special treat to receive than a regular thing. Still, the magazine's glossy pages and thorough trend coverage mean it is still a wonderful option. You can purchase a subscription for $20 per year, which will guarantee delivery of your print magazine the day it hits newsstands. Moreover, V Man publishes frequently online so men can still get their fashion fix whilst waiting for the next print edition. 

For the man who wants to know it all, you can't beat National Geographic

A classic option and probably the most common choice for those who love finding out about the world and what it contains, National Geographic has been running since 1888 (via Heavy). It covers cultural impact, history, science, travel, and animals — the in-depth coverage of which has won many awards (via National Geographic). Many people also know of National Geographic through its documentary films and yearly photography roundups.

The magazine gives readers a subscription option of just digital editions or both print and digital. Starting off at just $2.99 for a digital edition each month, you'll also be able to digitally access each edition dating back to 1888. Or, pay $19 to save some money on an annual subscription with the same perks. If the man you're buying for prefers a physical copy to read, you can purchase a joint print and digital subscription for $29 per year, which will deliver a magazine to him each month and give him access to digital perks too. 

Esquire is tailored towards the distinguished yet modern man

Finally, a subscription to Esquire will suit the most distinguished man in your life. Named after a rank in the English gentry, Esquire magazine covers a range of engaging subjects like tech and food, as well as offering good coverage of men's style and fashion trends. It publishes six print issues per year, down from eight in the past (via New York Post).

In terms of subscriptions, Esquire is a little on the pricier side. They offer a monthly $4 option for the digital edition only, which also gives you access to two members-only newsletters. Or, for $40 per year, you can receive an all-access subscription which includes print editions, the newsletters previously mentioned, and the occasional surprise discount from Esquire's partner shops with free delivery.

The men in your life are sure to thank you for whichever magazine subscription you go for, and you will have saved yourself the hassle of rushing around shops trying to find a good last-minute gift too.