How CBD Can Help Give You An Energy Boost

In recent years, it almost seems like CBD is becoming known as a kind of miracle drug. From using CBD to help alleviate pain to taking CBD to help with depression symptoms, folks are using this amazing chemical to help them with all kinds of ailments and problems.

If you're new to the wonderful world of CBD, CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of the main chemicals that makes up marijuana (via Harvard Health Publishing). It's no wonder that CBD is helping many people to relieve pain and anxiety; it's one of the active ingredients in medical marijuana. There are plenty of ways to take CBD — from oil drops to capsules or even gummy bears (via Medical News Today) — and how you take your CBD is up to you.

Also, many of us can say that we need a bit of an energy boost at some point throughout the day, and among the many useful purposes for CBD is that it's believed to be a great way to get that energy boost. So, how can CBD be used to stay energized?

CBD for energy

You may be wondering how a major chemical in a drug that's known for making you sleepy could actually wake you up. Well, according to a study from 2017, whether CBD wakes you up or puts you to sleep may have to do with the amount you consume. Studies indicate that small doses of CBD are a useful aid in keeping you feeling awake and alert (via Medical News Today). Higher doses, on the other hand, may make you sleepy, and they can even be used as a tool to stay asleep longer for folks with insomnia.

If taken in the right doses, CBD can affect your neurotransmitters. In doing so, CBD can help to control high cortisol levels. This can put a stop to the symptoms that typically cause your energy to crash and make you feel like it's time for a nap (via If all that potential for energy isn't enough, this can also help you to stay more focused during the day.

CBD's side effects

There's almost no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to medicine, and as amazing as CBD's benefits are, it's no exception either. CBD has its fair share of side effects, and some of them may get in the way of achieving that desired energy boost (via Mayo Clinic). Two common side effects of CBD are dry mouth and appetite changes (via Medical News Today). However, for some people, CBD can cause fatigue and drowsiness as well. If you're looking for a boost of energy, taking something that could make you even more tired is definitely a risk. 

Knowing whether or not CBD may be a solution to your midday slump is going to depend on how your body reacts to the chemical. Since CBD is widely considered safe and causes only relatively minor side effects, it may be worth trying to see how it affects you.