If You're An Enneagram Type 1, You Should Consider Pursuing This Career

Enneagram Type Ones are known as "The Reformer" (via The Enneagram Institute). They are the types of people who will advocate for change and hold their conscience high. Ones are also referred to as "The Perfectionist" due to their natural instinct to climb high (via The Enneagram at Work). Although striving for perfection can be a good thing, Ones can take it to the extreme and become overly critical of themselves and others, which can cause tension in the workplace. They also find it difficult to relax, which is why Enneagram Type Ones should take a step back and focus on their wellbeing every once in a while.

However, much like how Enneagram Type Ones should move to a city full of like-minded people, they will also be at their very best in a sector full of those similar to them. They have a high level of responsibility that they pride themselves on, meaning a job where they can achieve and feel proud of their achievements is key.

Enneagram Type 1's have an inbuilt urge to make everything perfect

Life Goals magazine states that Enneagram Type Ones like to be "good" above all. This reflects in their career choices — not happy with complete creative freedom, Type Ones prefer an environment where they have expectations and responsibilities they can meet and then exceed. Because of this, they should enter a sector where they can focus on small details and make sure everything goes exactly according to plan. 

A fair work environment is incredibly important to Ones, as is one with lots of communication to make sure nothing gets lost in translation. A famous example of a Type One is Michelle Obama, whose work in politics and for various charitable organizations clearly shows her desire to create good in the world (via Crystal).

Type Ones would best suit becoming an architect or an editor, both jobs which require intense concentration and honing in on lots of small details to achieve a perfect final result. They would also make good interior designers and event planners, once again due to their attention to detail and perfectionist streak. If you're a less artsy Type One, entering the financial sector would also suit you due to the need for logic and methodical planning.

They have a strong sense of justice and want to achieve highly in their career

Alternatively, Crystal suggests that justice-seeking Enneagram Type Ones should pursue careers in medicine like being a surgeon or doctor. Just like accountants, it's incredibly important that those in the medical field stick to rigid tried and tested methods and look at every little detail. Both are high stress roles that still fit Ones well due to their innate desire to uphold rules and boundaries (via Truity). 

As they are idealists too, Ones like to envision a better world with themselves as a key part of it. This makes life-changing jobs like being a surgeon a good fit for them. Though others could feel trapped by jobs with such strong routines, Type Ones can flourish within the expectations they are given and then go above and beyond to create new goals. The main thing for them is to work in a place that is not only ethical, but also has purpose (via Life Goals).

If you're an Enneagram Type One, you'll truly thrive in a career where you can stick to a routine and do good, whether that's helping a bride achieve their dream wedding or saving someone's life.