The Truth About Hair Botox Treatment

Sleek, frizz-free hair? Yes, please! Most of us are looking for a miracle treatment that will help us manage our hair with less fuss without completely breaking the bank. Enter: hair Botox treatment.

While the name might lead you to believe otherwise, this treatment is nothing like traditional Botox, but it sure as heck will make your hair look ten years younger. Hair Botox is becoming incredibly popular, and you understand why when you see the after pictures. Not only is this treatment 100% vegan, but it also won't change the actual texture of your hair the way similar treatments do, pro stylist Kayla Ciambrone told Women's Health. Your hair will still be your own, only healthier and shinier with less frizz than you could ever have imagined.

If you're currently dealing with damaged, broken, or extremely dry hair, hair Botox can help you restore your tresses to their former glory. It really is pretty miraculous. Of course, it's always wise to familiarize yourself with a treatment like this before you dive in, so we took it upon ourselves to dig up the truth about hair Botox treatments. Read on to see if it might be the miracle treatment you've been hoping for.

What, exactly, is hair Botox treatment?

Be honest: When you first heard the term "hair Botox," you immediately thought of needles being stuck into your scalp. Ouch. Luckily, that's not what hair Botox is about at all. In fact, it doesn't even contain botulinum toxin, the main ingredient in traditional Botox treatments, according to The Healthy.

Speaking to Popsugar, style master Sarah Lund said that hair Botox is basically "like a facial for your hair." It's like a conditioner on steroids, repairing any damage your hair has suffered from other treatments. Hair Botox isn't a chemical treatment; it contains super moisturizing ingredients and natural oils that work together to give you hair worthy of a shampoo ad. Salon owner Daniel Mason Jones told the Healthy that, along with natural oils, a good hair Botox treatment contains compounds like collagen, vitamin B5, glycomine, and hyaluronic acid. This treatment can give your tresses renewed life and shine while cutting styling time in half if you struggle with frizzy, dry, or damaged hair.

Mason Jones says that hair Botox treatment can even be curated according to your individual hair type, as well as the amount of damage you're dealing with. Sweet!

What will a hair Botox treatment do for your hair?

Most of us struggle with dull, lifeless hair at some point. Our age can also affect how our hair looks. According to Healthline, it's common for hair to lose some of its elasticity and bounce as we get older. Hair Botox works as a sort of filler (almost like Botox for the skin) to help hair regain its shine while also taming any frizziness.

Many hair Botox treatments use keratin as a filler. The keratin makes its way into the thinner and damaged areas of your hair, repairing it, acting almost like mortar. The result is shiny, bouncy hair that turns heads. Some popular brands like L'Oreal Professional's Fiberceutic use Intra-Cylane as the filler. This compound contains fibers that act as fillers, giving your tresses more body along with healthy shine. Other brands, like Majestic Hair Botox, use collagen complex as the filler. If you're getting hair Botox done for the first time, it's typically best to go to a salon so a professional can gauge which type of treatment would be best for your hair type.

Hair Botox treatment works great for all hair types

One of the biggest perks when it comes to hair Botox treatment is that it's suitable for all hair types. So if you've ever wanted to try out a keratin treatment only to be told that it works best for thick and curly hair, you'd be thrilled to hear that hair Botox can work wonders.

Speaking to Byrdie, cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green, M.D., said that hair Botox serves as an excellent treatment for the everyday hair issues most people face. Whether you struggle with split ends, have dull, damaged hair, or hair that's very thin and lifeless, hair Botox can help you out. According to Healthline, the treatment can also straighten your hair a bit.

There are, however, instances where you need to hold off on hair Botox. According to stylist Tina Lee's website Straight by Tina Lee, you shouldn't get it if you just had your hair permed or colored. Wait at least 72 hours after either treatment before getting hair Botox. If you're someone who frequently gets their hair colored or permed, it would always be better to get that treatment done before you make an appointment for hair Botox. If you get Botox first, you'll have to wait longer before you can get your usual treatments done. According to Lee, root touchups can only be done 48 hours after hair Botox treatment, while other more permanent treatments like perming and coloring require a waiting period of four months.

Hair Botox treatment has various benefits

Hair Botox treatment is an all-around miracle worker. Cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green, M.D., and hairstylist Paul Labrecque told Byrdie that the nourishing ingredients commonly found in hair Botox treatment like collagen complex, B5, Vitamin E, antioxidants, and caviar oil are responsible for most of the benefits associated with it.

Green explains that these ingredients all work together to transform dull and frizzy hair into smooth, soft tresses while adding that sought-after bounce and shine. These results are largely thanks to the oils in the treatment, which work together to seal the hair cuticle, giving your hair that smooth texture. Hair Botox also works to restore your hair's elasticity, which helps prevent dry hair and breakage. 

Another sweet benefit is that hair Botox treatments can help protect your hair from free radical damage. Trichologist David Adams says you have the caviar oil to thank for that. While our bodies are pretty good at fighting free radicals in our environment, our age can impact our body's ability to do so effectively. This is one of the reasons our hair starts to lose its former shine and thickness as we get older. With the additional help of B5, vitamin E, and antioxidants, hair Botox treatment kicks serious butt when protecting your hair from free radical damage.

There are some downsides to hair Botox treatments

As with any treatment out there, hair Botox does have its downsides. According to SkinKraft, hair Botox isn't infallible: Sometimes, the treatment doesn't work. Yup, your hair will be the same as before the treatment, and you'd have spent good money on something that didn't make a difference. It's good to remember this when you try hair Botox for the first time. It might work wonders, but brace yourself for potential disappointment.

If you try hair Botox and find it works for you, it might be tempting to go for the treatment as often as possible, but this is not a good idea. Too much of a good thing isn't good at all, and the same principle applies to hair Botox. According to SkinKraft, most haircare professionals recommend you only go for this treatment a maximum of three times a year. When you get hair Botox more often than that, you risk doing more damage than good: Your hair follicles can become damaged, and you might even experience hair loss. Your hair can also start to lose its former shine.

There's also the risk of developing an allergic reaction to the ingredients, Healthline warns. So if you're applying the treatment yourself, try to keep the product from getting onto your skin.

What to expect during hair Botox treatment

Unlike actual Botox, hair Botox treatment is simple and completely painless. The process usually takes around 20 to 90 minutes, and you'll sit back and relax the whole time.

According to Women's Health, your hairstylist will typically kick off your hair Botox session with a quick consultation so they can assess your hair and figure out which treatment will work best for you. "Depending on the texture of your hair and the desired result, the hair botox is left on your hair anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour," pro stylist Kayla Ciambrone told Women's Health.

According to Healthline, the hairstylist starts the hair Botox process by applying a special shampoo to prep your hair for the treatment. This shampoo encourages your hair cuticles to open to absorb the treatment better. Then, the stylist will thoroughly work the treatment through your strands. Once the treatment is applied, you'll enter that 20 to 90-minute waiting period while the Botox does its work. Once the wait is over, some stylists will proceed to style your hair immediately to allow the product to absorb into your tresses fully. Other stylists prefer to rinse it off with a pH-balancing shampoo and conditioner before they continue with the styling process, which consists of blow-drying and flat ironing. Ciambrone recommends you avoid wetting your hair for at least 72 hours after the treatment.

You can apply hair Botox at home

If you don't live near a salon that offers hair Botox and have hair that is in dire need of treatment, you can apply hair Botox at home.

Speaking to The Healthy, salon owner Daniel Mason Jones said that many salons offer hair Botox kits clients can take home. The stylist will typically provide instructions to get the most out of the treatment. There are different at-home hair Botox treatments to choose from, which can be a little overwhelming. One of the easiest ways to find the best product for your hair is to figure out your main concerns.

In an article certified skin care coach Shiboli Chakraborti wrote for Stylecraze, she recommended different at-home hair Botox kits that cater to different needs. For example, suppose you color your hair frequently and would like to try hair Botox without affecting your color. In that case, Chakraborti recommends you try the Nutree Professional Brazilian Botox Expert Thermo Multi-Control Mask. The Majestic Keratin Hair Botox might be a great fit if you're more focused on boosting hair growth. Some people hate hair products with strong smells that linger, and if you're one of them, consider trying the Kerazon Brazilian Hair Botox Treatment, which is odor-free. On the other hand, if you tend to get allergic reactions from skincare and hair products, consider opting for a hair Botox treatment that's hypoallergenic, like the Kachita Spell Hair Botox Mascarilla Tipo Keratin.

Caring for your hair after the treatment is fairly easy

Most people opt for hair Botox treatment to reduce the daily maintenance their hair typically requires. Of course, just because you suddenly have flowing, shiny tresses don't mean you can let your hair care routine fall to the wayside. Hair Botox does require a bit of maintenance, especially if you want it to stick around for a while.

According to SkinKraft, there are a few key steps you need to take to ensure you properly care for your hair after the treatment. First of all, you might need to revamp your hair care routine and switch to other products, especially if the ones you're using contain parabens, sulfates, or silicone. A mild shampoo is best for the first few washes after the treatment. You also shouldn't be too quick to wash your hair after getting hair Botox. Wait at least two days — this gives the treatment plenty of time to absorb into your hair. Applying a hair-repairing mask once a week is also advisable.

If you love to exercise, you should opt for at least three rest days after getting hair Botox since sweat can also have a negative impact on the results, according to Byrdie. Last, but not least, you should also try to steer clear of heating tools after getting hair Botox, and if you really need to use it, always make sure you have a heat-protection serum.

Hair Botox treatment can last for a couple of months

What makes hair Botox oh-so-convenient is that its effects can last for a couple of months, making it well worth the money. According to Women's Health, hair Botox's effect will wear off within three months, give or take. However, the exact timeframe differs from person to person. In addition, the quality of the ingredients used in the treatment can also have an impact on how long it sticks, per SkinKraft.

Writer for Refinery29, Jacqueline Kilikita, tried the treatment for herself and had it done at Nicky Clarke in the U.K. According to Kilikita, the salon told her that hair Botox simply washes out, unlike similar treatments that need to grow out. This means you won't have to dread that awkward phase where your roots start behaving differently than the rest of your hair.

You can sort of control how quickly hair Botox washes out by washing your hair a little less than you usually do and using hair Botox-approved hair care products. In addition, pro stylist Kayla Ciambrone recommends wearing a bonnet when you go to sleep and switching to silk pillowcases if possible (via Women's Health).

You can get hair Botox treatments a few times a year

Like all things beauty-related, hair Botox can become a little addictive. But, having hair that looks gorgeous without putting too much effort into it is everyone's dream. So, how often can you get this treatment?

Well, it varies a little. Pro stylist Kayla Ciambrone told Women's Health that hair Botox isn't as harsh on hair as other treatments, but doing it too much is not advisable, especially if it's not the only hair treatment you get. "I would not recommend doing any form of smoothing and/or texture treatment services more than every two months to maintain the integrity of your hair," Ciambrone says. It seems that experts have different opinions on how often hair Botox should be done. According to SkinKraft, some experts recommend limiting hair Botox treatments to three times a year.

If you'd like to treat your hair in the meantime, trichologist David Adams told Byrdie that hair Botox works great alongside scalp treatments. He emphasized that healthy hair cannot exist without a healthy scalp, so applying a quality scalp treatment at least once a month (or every two weeks) can work wonders to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green, M.D. agrees: "The health of the hair follicle plays a major role in the health of the hair, so when you have a clean, well-functioning scalp, you will, in turn, have healthy, strong, shiny hair that grows," she explained.

Hair Botox is relatively cheap compared to some other treatments

We're all well aware that good beauty treatments don't come cheap, and while hair Botox isn't exactly inexpensive, it's usually more cost-efficient than going for a keratin treatment.

According to Popsugar, the price will largely depend on your location, but you can expect to pay anything between $100 to $300 for hair Botox. Of course, the length of your hair is also a factor. Pro stylist Kayla Ciambrone told Women's Health that you could expect to pay around $200 for shoulder-length hair. As with any other hair treatment, the longer and denser your hair, the higher the price. While this isn't exactly cheap, similar treatments like keratin cost more. To put it into perspective, keratin treatments can range from $250 to $500 per session, according to Cosmopolitan. You can sort of get the same results with hair Botox for much less, especially if your hair is on the longer side.

Hair Botox can be better than a keratin treatment

If you're stuck trying to decide between a keratin treatment and hair Botox, we'd like to help you out. Stylist and color pro Juliana Ohlmeyer told Bustle that hair Botox has fewer downsides and restrictions than keratin treatments. First, hair Botox can be applied to any hair type, whereas keratin only works well for specific hair textures. Keratin treatments are also much stronger than hair Botox and can change your hair's curl pattern. Hair Botox is the perfect solution if you want frizz-free hair without losing your precious curls. It's also safe to get hair Botox done during pregnancy — it really is for everyone.

In addition, keratin treatments are less gentle and can sometimes contain a compound known as formaldehyde. Not only does this chemical have a very potent smell, but it can also irritate the throat, eyes, nose, and respiratory system. According to Healthline, formaldehyde is a carcinogen, which makes keratin treatments less safe. Hair Botox treatments don't contain formaldehyde and work without the help of any chemical reactions.

According to Ohlmeyer, the main difference between keratin treatments and hair Botox is that keratin is designed to relax the texture of your hair. Botox, on the other hand, is designed to enhance your natural hair. So, if your goal is to have hair that is healthy, shiny, and low-maintenance while maintaining your natural texture, hair Botox is definitely the better option in most cases.