If You're An Enneagram Type 3, You Should Try This Nail Color

If you're looking for your next new nail look, using your Enneagram personality type is a great way to find the best color for you. According to Truity, the Enneagram is a system of nine personalities that identifies an individual's internal dynamics and motivations, making it the perfect tool for decision-making. Knowing these details about yourself can guide important life choices, such as what city you should move to or what career you should consider pursuing.

If you're an Enneagram type 3, then you're known for being ambitious, charming, and diplomatic (via The Enneagram Institute). Because of this, type 3 is referred to as "the achiever" and is seen as an inspirational role model. Type 3s can sometimes be overly invested in their image and their desire to feel valuable and worthwhile. Per Truity, these priorities also influence a 3's fears, as they tend to be concerned with failure and how they're viewed by others. 

With this in mind, check out the best nail looks for Enneagram type 3.

These bold colors are perfect for type 3

As mentioned by The Enneagram Institute, type 3s are defined by their drive for success and desire to stand out, making bold colors a go-to look for this personality type. Nail polishes in multichrome colors (hues that shift with movement), such as beetle gold or chameleon green, are eye-catching and suit the ambitious nature of type 3 (per Picture Polish).

Because 3s are known for being confident, red nail polish is also a classic bold look suited for this Enneagram type. According to Psych2Go, nail art featuring red reflects the vibrance of an individual, conveying their desire to be the center of attention. This makes red perfect for a 3 as they strive to distinguish themselves in everything they do and love to stand out from the crowd. You can keep this look classic by choosing a pure red polish, but it can also be spiced up for type 3's stand-out personality by adding glitter or an accent color.

Type 3s may want to consider subtle looks, too

Although they're known for their charming personality and stand-out style, Enneagram type 3s don't always have to pick bold nail colors. Subtle options can look just as stylish.

Because French manicures indicate professionalism and success (per Psych2Go), this classic look is perfect for the ambitious, goal-oriented side of any type 3. Plus, any French manicure can be subtly customized to fit the unique nature of the 3 while still maintaining its timeless look. 

Solid neutral tones — like gray, greige, or tan — look professional yet chic for career-driven 3s, too.

Soothing tones are great nail polish options for type 3. According to Apartment Therapy, colors such as seafoam green and gray violet provide balancing tranquility to the ambitious qualities of this personality type. 

Whatever nail polish type 3 wears, their determined nature guarantees that they'll conquer the look and wear it with undeniable style.