Moriah Plath Gets Candid About One Of Her Biggest Struggles

The stars of TLC's "Welcome to Plathville" didn't exactly have the most normal upbringing, from foregoing technology to avoiding movies, TV, candy, and junk foods. As the reality show has continued on, fans have grown increasingly dubious about Kim and Barry Plath's child-rearing techniques. As The Sun reported, online commentators branded them "manipulative" for their treatment of the kids and cheered when headstrong teenagers Micah and Moriah Plath moved out of the family home.


Moreover, in the Season 2 premiere (via YouTube), the duo confronted Kim and Barry about how ill-prepared they'd left them for the real world. As Micah opined, parents should want their children to do even better than they did in life, but that wasn't the case in the Plath household. At the same time, the burgeoning model acknowledged, "It's kind of hard to prepare your kids for the modern world when you're trying to keep them from the modern world." In particular, the teens knew nothing about sex. 

Thus, both Micah and Moriah struggled to figure out how romantic relationships worked. And, as it turns out, she still has trouble finding people who understand her in general, too. 

The Welcome to Plathville star finds it tough to connect with people

"Welcome to Plathville" star Moriah Plath posted a series of Instagram Stories on Aug. 1, 2022, acknowledging her difficulty in meeting like-minded people who truly get her. The first post was accompanied by the caption: "What's the point in trying to communicate with someone that will never understand you?" 


Moriah later elaborated, "I question myself all the time... am I just bad at communicating with some people or are there certain people that will just never understand me?" Seemingly anticipating yet more judgment, the reality star ended by stating, "Anywayyyy. Back to life." 

Ever since breaking free of her parents' vice-like grip, Moriah has been doing her best to assimilate into the "regular" world, even getting into her first relationship, per Us Weekly. The wannabe singer has also released music, which fans reasoned was likely about her breakup, as People noted at the time. She's even got a ton of tattoos, with one of the latest being a sizable rose on her side (via The Sun).

Clearly, Moriah is eager to make her own way in the world. In fact, when Fox News asked what she and Micah planned to do with their newfound freedom, Moriah answered confidently: "I'm pretty sure we don't do anything that we used to do and we do everything that we weren't able to do." Hopefully, Moriah can find her people along the way, too.