Olivia Plath Reacts To The Drama-Filled Welcome To Plathville Season Finale

Season 4 of TLC's hit reality show, "Welcome To Plathville," has come to a close. It was by far the most dramatic season the series has seen yet, as the Plath family has endured rough roads in their personal lives for all of the world to see.


Most notably amid the drama was the shocking split of the family's matriarch and patriarch, Kim and Barry Plath. The pair dropped the bomb on their children during the Season 4 finale (per InTouch Weekly). While the family was aware their parents were living separately, their son Ethan Plath was shocked to hear his parents were calling it quits for good.

While Kim and Barry's relationship struggles took center stage through most of the season, Olivia Plath — their daughter-in-law and wife to Ethan — shared her own struggles. Now, as the finale has aired, Olivia is weighing in with her thoughts following a drama-filled wrap-up to a shocking season.

Olivia shared her feelings on Instagram

Olivia Plath had her fair share of drama unfold during Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville." For the first time in several years, Olivia and Kim Plath spoke to one another (via People). With pressure from Ethan's siblings weighing on her, Olivia began processing the pain she has felt from her in-laws. While it has been a difficult and painful journey for Olivia in the show's fourth season, she took to Instagram to reassure her fans that she is pushing through.


Olivia posted an inspirational quote that read in part, "You've been through a thousand things in your life people don't even know about. You've experienced things that have shook you, changed you, broke you, and built you and taught you to be stronger than you ever thought you had the ability to be."

With the quote, Olivia wrote the caption, "In case you need this reminder today like I did; you've got this. It's okay to stumble along the way, just keep growing, learning, healing, and becoming. Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up again."