Moments Chrissy Teigen Wants You To Forget

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is in an enviable position. She's happily married to Grammy and Academy Award winning artist John Legend, she's mother to one of the world's cutest babies, and possibly the world's most romantic song was written about her ("All of Me," by her husband). She has written a New York Times bestselling cookbook, and been featured a whopping eight times in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has more than eight million Twitter followers and fourteen million Instagram followers.

But Teigen's life is not perfect... wait, yes it is. Even so, there are occasions that this beautiful and witty woman would prefer people not to dwell on.

Chrissy dogs her fake bang look

At the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, the question was, "who's that stunning girl with John Legend?" Teigen was unrecognizable sporting a new look with thick, blunt bangs. Her origami-style Fyodr Golan minidress and Zanotti pumps (as reported by the Red Carpet Fashion Awards) completed her ensemble, earning style accolades from onlookers. 

But when asked by Vogue, "What's the worst trend you ever got sucked into wearing?" Teigen replied, "Fake bangs." She's never returned to the look, preferring a casual bun or a high ponytail. We may never know whether Teigen hated the look or just the feeling of something fake attached to her head, but her emphatic, instant response and Instagram say it all: thumbs down on fake fringe.

The wedding rehearsal pics she'd rather not share

For her style-perfect Lake Como wedding (attended by Kanye West and Stevie Wonder, according to Brides), Teigen chose three beautiful Vera Wang gowns. The photos of Teigen marrying Legend are the pinnacle of beauty and grace, but you won't see snaps from the rehearsal dinner.

Unfortunately over-served, Teigen recalled the evening in an interview with A Drink With, "The rehearsal dinner was crazy. I mean, there are pictures of me lying on the ground with a bulldog, just some random bulldog that had been walking through Lake Como."

Teigen has since shared a desire to consume less alcohol, telling Cosmopolitan, "People think it's cutesy and fun to go on these boozy brunches, but there's more to it. I've never once been like, 'I'm sure glad I had that boozy brunch!'" A healthier lifestyle now suits the young mom. 

It's possible Maid of Honor Brooklyn Decker has some of the hilarity-filled pics, but because she's Teigen's BFF, she's not sharing. Incredible portraits will have to suffice for those who didn't attend. 

IVF side effects made for a challenging bikini shoot

Bikini modeling is not just jet rides to sparkling beaches and sexy romps in the sun. For Teigen, shooting in Zanzibar for the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was a pain. Literally. She was in the process of conceiving through in vitro fertilization, and the necessary injections left her with big bruises and weight gain. 

A little makeup covered the marks, but as she told Self, "I looked horrible, totally not myself.... Then to not be able to say what it was, it sucked." But modeling is her job, and she worked the shoot like a professional. Fixing the visuals and smiling through the discomfort, she completed the assignment for the magazine. 

In vitro is never an easy road. To have its painful side effects in front of a camera –- and paparazzi sneaking candids of the shoot — was extra difficult. But all's well that ends well. Teigen wound up with a stunning pictorial and a beautiful baby girl.

Teigen's Golden Globes cry face went viral

Her hubby famously sings, "How many times do I have to tell you/Even when you're crying you're beautiful too." The internet rang in with different reactions when the camera caught Teigen in spontaneous tears when Legend won a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song ("Glory" from the movie Selma). 

Legend's proud wife, face streaked with tears, reacted candidly to his win and moving acceptance speech. The moment went viral and Teigen herself tweeted, "It's been 5 minutes and I'm a meme." In true Teigen style, she sassed back at the online detractors roasting her even as the show continued, tweeting, "Sorry I don't practice my cry face, okay."

The meme lived on for a bit, but Teigen had plenty of opportunities to put on a better face. The song swept awards season, garnering a Grammy, an Academy Award and a Critics' Choice Movie Award, among many others.

She likes big butts and she cannot lie

She has appeared in eight special Sports Illustrated editions devoted to the body in a bikini. So she may be the only one with the opinion, but Teigen isn't happy about her booty. 

She expressed her disappointment to Esquire, saying, "I have a little half-Asian butt, and the more I work out, the more I try to get it bigger, it's just going to get flatter and harder."

Daughter of a Thai mother and a Norwegian-American father, Teigen has genetics that gifted her every asset — except a voluptuous rear. Fashion is fickle, though, and Teigen told Esquire, "I didn't know butts were a thing until I was twenty-three. Then came Jennifer Lopez and people were like, 'That butt is great.'"

In time, smaller back ends will surely come into style and Teigen will find herself with curves in all the right places once more. Until then, all she can do is bemoan her fate via hilarious tweets

Teigen likes her good side forward

You'll have to look long and hard to find a photo of Teigen's left side (I sure did to unearth the one above!), and there's a reason for that. The couple shares a favorite pose that is flattering to both.

"John and I have our 'sides,'" Teigen told Blank Itinerary, "My good side is on the right, always. Even if that means he has to cross over or something. Even on television shows, I can only speak from the right side."

Teigen may be in the minority on this preference, though. A study reported in Time magazine found that the test subjects overwhelmingly preferred the left side of faces, even when photos were flipped to disguise the original orientation.

That will make no difference to the couple, though. Teigen reports, "We are not afraid to move each other. He'll move me before I move him."

The camera catches a candid moment

The candid camera struck again at the Oscars. On the 2016 Academy Awards telecast, Teigen was caught with a frozen grimace. Causing yet another viral sensation, Teigen was reacting to a scripted bit that fell flat.

From the timing of the shot, it wasn't immediately clear whether she was throwing shade at Sarah Silverman on stage until she explained to GMA (via Yahoo), "Our whole area was still talking about [Dash] well into the Sarah Silverman segment because we were just so floored by the silence.... I gotta show my face, I can't hold it in. My phone was going insane. I was like, 'What have I done now?" 

The moment lit up on social media. Via a tweet, Teigen explained her expression, "I was making the face from the Stacey Dash moment ahhhhhhh not Sarah [Silverman]!" 

Teigen is sorry-not-sorry about her AMAs wardrobe malfunction

Teigen wowed on the red carpet at the American Music Awards in a Yousef Akbar dress slit up to — and past — there. The stunning black dress, which InStyle noted was accented by a pair of Dsquared2 stilettos and a Monique Lhuillier clutch, was slit on both sides and held together by gilded safety pins.

It wasn't so much the dress that got attention as what the dress showed. Fans on Twitter bombarded Teigen with negative comments. Teigen showed her usual wit on social media, clapping back at one fan's criticism that she "could have worn pants" by video-tweeting, "Well, Alivia, hindsight is 20/20," she said. "Just like your mom when she named you with an 'A' instead of an 'O.'"

Another non-fan expressed dismay that Teigen wasn't enough of "a lady," prompting Teigen to sass back, "I'm pretty sure you could clearly see I'm a lady." 

Thin brows: not her favorite look

Style is fickle. One minute, thin arches are in, and the next, fashion demands everyone sport lush topiaries above the eye. Of all Teigen's style missteps, one thing she would go back and warn herself about, according to Glamour, is overplucking. "I think we all go through that period where we just get excited and do too much. I would definitely tell myself not to overpluck and keep it natural," she told the magazine. "I just can't believe I ever thought it was cool to take off all my eyebrows."

Too much plucking can indeed cause brows not to regrow as lush and thick as we might like, according to trichologist Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, who told The Huffington Post, "Tweezing eyebrows repeatedly can lead to destruction of the follicle."

But just like clogs or gaucho pants, thin or thick eyebrows will be 'in' and 'out' reliably every few years. Luckily, Teigen is completely on trend these days with a sculpted, thicker brow. Styles and trends change, of this we can be sure. In ten years, Teigen very well may say she can't believe it was ever cool to tweet. 

She had her armpits suctioned

Teigen proudly owns her beauty techniques, telling E! Online, "I had lipo on my inner armpits. It's a big secret, but I don't care." Diet and exercise can only do so much. Most people find themselves with stubborn pockets of excess fat that simply won't disappear. For these areas, liposuction is a great solution.

She elaborated about lipo's benefits, saying, "It added two inches of length to my arms. It was so easy; it made me feel better in strapless dresses and made me more confident."

For someone whose secret to a sexy night out is to, "show a little bit of skin," according to a Vogue interview, every centimeter counts.