If You're An Enneagram Type 5, You Should Try This Nail Color

Are you the one in your friend group who everyone turns to when they need answers? Do you enjoy cozy nights cuddled up with your favorite mystery novel and a glass of wine instead of noisy nights out at a bar? Do you know the answer to every "Jeopardy!" question in existence and consistently get angry at the contestants who don't? If this sounds anything like you, chances are you're an Enneagram Five. Not quite sure what your Enneagram number actually means or what an Enneagram even is? That's okay!

An Enneagram is a newly popular system designed to categorize personality types and help you better understand yourself and your nature on a deeper level (via Enneagram Universe). There are nine total Enneagram types. If you want to know for certain what Enneagram type you are, Truity has a great Enneagram personality test you can take for free.

People who fall under the category of Five are what is classified as "The Investigator." Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? If you're an investigator on the hunt for your next favorite nail polish, we've got just the pick for you.

Consider trying blue nails

Ever been told that you're the intellectual type? According to the Enneagram Institute, that's to be expected. They explain that as a Five, you've got all the makings of a real gumshoe — that's because you're smart, quick on your feet, a bit intense, and maybe even a little secretive. With all this in mind, we recommend a nail color that's as deep and mysterious as you are, and that's blue.

Crystal, the personality AI app, lists Fives as people who enjoy observing the world around them and doing it solo. Alone time is the best time to get work done, and for Fives, work is a priority. Having blue nails is a testament to being at peace with yourself and truly loving being your own company. It's a neutral enough color not to draw too much attention to your nails, yet remains as surreptitiously alluring as the calm blue sea.

Bluebird nail polish is perfect for Enneagram 5

We have blue as the perfect color to coat your nails, but which brand should you try? We recommend Bluebird Nail Polish by Picture Polish's Kelli Marissa. Marussa says this periwinkle blue polish was inspired by the sky and the desire to see the world, which is a perfect fit for an Enneagram Five. You are someone who enjoys observing the world and loves to daydream, and that's just what this soft nail color will remind you of. There are also holo-flakes in the glitter that sparkle as you twirl your hands. The twinkling glimmer is reminiscent of a night sky waiting to be explored.

If you're still unsure whether this polish is the right fit for your nails by the pictures alone, Picture Polish has a 30-second video on YouTube that gives you a full view of the polish being applied. It only takes two quick coat applications to turn plain nails into glittering pools of soft blue. It's enough to make any Five swoon.