What We Know About Hallmark's Kayla Wallace

Canadian actress Kayla Wallace, who is known for playing the role of Fiona Miller in the Hallmark Channel's series "When Calls The Heart," is not only charming but also very talented. Born in a small town on Vancouver Island, Wallace has worked in several television shows as well as in movies. According to her IMDb profile, Wallace has appeared on Syfy's series "The Magicians," NBC's "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist," and ABC's "The Good Doctor." That aside, in 2022, she has also played Olivia in the mystery thriller, "Heatwave," while also starring in the TV romantic comedy "Feeling Butterflies."

Before the Season 9 premiere of "When Calls The Heart" in February, the 33-year-old actress, while speaking during an episode of the "Everything About Hallmark" podcast, revealed that it's been a "wild year" for her. "I've been super happy to be working on some cool projects and a few of them will be out this year, so I am excited," Wallace told the podcast host. While Wallace has become a familiar face for many people across the globe because of her acting career, there are other interesting facts about her that many still don't know.

She loves singing

Aside from her great acting skills, Kayla Wallace is also blessed with a beautiful singing voice. Even though she is yet to release any of her own original music, she often posts singing videos on her Instagram page to wow her fans. She told the host of the "Everything About Hallmark" podcast, that she has been singing since she was a kid.

"My very first thing I ever did was I played Linus in 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.' And I remember I had to sing for the first time by myself and that was a big deal," she revealed. Wallace added that she started her singing journey pretty young and has been doing so her whole life. "I did some singing and piano lessons in high school and then went on to musical theater where we're trained a little more classically and I just keep it a part of my life all the time. I love it so much."

She's in a relationship with co-star Kevin McGarry

It might come as bad news for many of her die-hard fans, but Kayla Wallace is not single. She is officially off the market and in a committed relationship with her "When Calls The Heart" co-star, Kevin McGarry (via Us Weekly). Interestingly, the love birds also appeared in the movie "Feeling Butterflies" together as well, which premiered on the Hallmark Channel on March 12 this year. McGarry, 37, in a Q&A with Entertainment Tonight, revealed that the first time he felt butterflies in his stomach was when he met Wallace. During the same interview, when McGarry questioned the actress about how likely she was to work with him again, she responded with "very likely" while wearing a big smile on her face.

The couple, which according to News Unzip have been dating since 2020, can also be seen expressing their love to each other and packing on the PDA on their social media accounts. Taking to her Instagram page on February 15 this year — a day after Valentine's Day — Wallace uploaded yet another singing video and wrote about five things she loved in the caption. While singing "What's Inside" from the musical "Waitress" and written by Sara Bareilles, Wallace wrote that she loves sugar, butter, Bareilles, her Roland, and McGarry. In the same video, McGarry could be seen filling his sweetheart's cheek and neck with smooches.

She went to a performing arts college

Many actors out there make it to the silver screen without having to go through any education in acting. According to Backstage, there are plenty of successful actors who never acquired an acting degree. Having said that, almost every actor these days has been through some sort of training before making it big.

But when it comes to Kayla Wallace, she has always been passionate about her choice of career and had decided early on that she'd grow up to become an actor. According to the Hallmark Channel, Wallace had always been in love with musical theatre which led her to enroll at The Canadian College of Performing Arts. Since its inception in 1998, the college has produced several other actors and performers, including Jana Morrison, Austin Eckert, and Daytime Emmy-winner Kimberly Persona (via CCPA).

After finishing her course, Wallace eventually moved to Vancouver in 2014 to start acting as a full-time career.

She is open to being featured in 'Spider-Man'

Celebrities have to be brave because they have to take up different types of roles throughout their acting careers, especially when they have to work in an action film. However, Kayla Wallace revealed during her interview with Entertainment Tonight that she would not like to be featured in any movies with spiders — with the exception of "Spider-Man."

In the interview, where Kevin McGarry and Wallace asked each other different questions, the actress revealed that she would "never say yes to" any movie based on snakes and spiders. McGarry, who agreed that he wouldn't want to work in any movie featuring snakes, asked Wallace if her answer included the "Spider-Man series, and the 33-year-old actress revealed, "That's a different story though." Upon hearing her answer, McGarry joked, "Not really. It's love with spiders." However, he also admitted he would love to work in a "Hallmark Spider-Man" movie with Wallace.

She loves to eat and cook

During an interview with the Super Channel, Kayla Wallace was asked whether she loves going to any restaurants in her home of Vancouver. In response, Wallace revealed that she could "go on" about her favorite restaurants and coffee shops. "Oh, where to begin with places to eat in Vancouver... some of my favorite coffee shops are Pallet Coffee and Revolver Coffee. I love the restaurants Nuba and Heirloom," she shared. 

You could say Wallace is a regular foodie. In fact, she also regularly posts pictures on her Instagram in which she can be seen enjoying the food she loves, including ice cream, burgers, and bialy. While she does love going out to eat at her favorite spots, Wallace is also a great home chef. In their interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wallace's co-star and boyfriend, Kevin McGarry admitted that the actress is a "very good cook."