How The August 11 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Sagittarius

The full moon brings us to the end of a cycle in more ways than one — in Refinery29's broad strokes, the August 11 full moon is especially vital for our personal evolution because it's the final super moon of 2022. The outlet reminds us that this will be an apt moment for getting in touch with our intuition and the truths we may have hesitated to face before the full moon clarity kicks in. 

Elite Daily also characterizes the moon's luminary properties as being transformative and powerful. Known as the sturgeon moon, this full moon references the underwater motion created when the Sturgeon fish "stirs" things up. The full moon occurring in Aquarius will lend all the signs more momentum in terms of philosophizing their way out of intellectual or emotional trappings. Vogue also sees semi-chaotic Aquarius as the right instigator for Sagittarius to reassess everything they've been juggling, and whether they can keep going with the flow at their current rate.

Thoughtful Aquarius will positively influence the fire sign

InStyle makes sure that Sagittarians know that they're at an intellectual advantage when it comes to the August 11 super moon. Aquarius is in Sag's third house of communication, so it's an ideal time for new creative ventures to begin formulating. However, they should make sure to take Vogue's sage advice and give their big inventive brains some time to rest in between projects.

In Style's general prognosis for the super moon sees it as a moment for endings, as well as an energetic resurgence thanks to imaginative Aquarius. Sag will also love that Aquarius is in charge of the moon, since this sign tends to prioritize their logistical needs over their feelings. During a full moon in more sensitive signs, all bets are off — Sag will appreciate having an alternate route to deep talk that relies more on their brains than their hearts. 

Bustle wants Sag to know that new opportunities are about to emerge that require their signature openness in order to blossom into reality. The good news is that Sag isn't known for their wariness in the face of a challenge. They will need their full tenacity and risk-taking attitude directed toward taking full advantage of what is offered to them. 

Sag can take a break and still enjoy their lives

Staying true to yourself can feel like a tall order for a super mutable fire sign like Sagittarius, but Bustle assures us that the effort to honor your instincts is worth a potentially mixed reception. Experiencing near-constant growth and change is one of Sag's greatest gifts, so they should avoid circumstances that prevent them from assuming new shapes.

The new moment brought on by the super moon may be an invitation to recover and take a break, per PopSugar. Busy Sag may struggle to hold back when it comes to planning trips and their next big moves, but if possible, they should go the easy route and budget a good amount of time to truly relax. The fun will wait for them, though it may not feel that way in the moment of FOMO. But Sag may even find mixing things up and doing nothing is a welcome challenge and invites different paths toward pleasure than the hyper-stimulation they're used to.