If You're An Enneagram Type 9, You Should Try This Wellness Trend

Optimistic, accepting, and supportive, Enneagram Type Nines know a thing or two about healing and harmony, according to The Enneagram Institute. Type Nines are referred to as "The Peacemaker." As a Type Nine, you're likely on a journey to maintain a frequency of peaceful, positive energy — both internally and externally. Type Nines tend to be spiritual beings and long for closeness with the mystery of life and with other people too, per The Enneagram Institute.

Since you may have a tendency to go along with others and ignore your personal desires to keep the peace, a wellness routine that puts you in touch with your intuition and needs could balance out Type Nines. Some physical exercise is a great way to ground into your vessel and bring deeper emotions to light. Doing a solo practice daily and moving your body can shed awareness on your true identity and possibly on other hazy areas of life too.

Type 9s should try a Hot Girl Walk

One of the more simple and grounding wellness trends lately, the Hot Girl Walk, couldn't be a better fit for the laid-back, carefree, and happy-go-lucky Enneagram Type Nine. So, what exactly does a Hot Girl Walk entail? Well, according to The Every Girl, you're going to need to set aside at least an hour of your day. Once you've hit the ground running — or rather, walking –  it's time to give your mind a bit of a workout as well. Per the self-proclaimed "Creator of the Hot Girl Walk," a TikToker named Mia, there are only three things you should be thinking about on your walks: "things that you're grateful for, how hot you are, and things that you want to achieve."

Now maybe going for a walk doesn't seem like much (isn't a run better for your body?), but if you're a Type Nine, this earthy exercise in positive thinking is likely right up your alley. Walking in nature has been found to have a healing effect on the body and brain, per Health Journal. When out in nature, you're less likely to ruminate and spiral into negative thought patterns. Simply moving your body while taking in the views and sounds of the natural world can also improve cognition, memory, and immune health, according to Health Journal. 

Now, walking in the woods may not sound too profound. But pair this with the positive affirmations of the Hot Girl Walk, and you've got an instant mood-lifting modality. You may have even heard of a similar concept and recent wellness trend: Forest Bathing. This essentially means taking an intentional and conscious walk in the forest and reaping the health benefits, per Global Wellness Institute.

Why intentional self-care is essential for Type 9s

As Peacemakers, Enneagram Type Nines are susceptible to over-giving and possibly being taken advantage of. Advocating for yourself as a Type Nine can feel a bit too much like entering conflict territory, so retreating, suppressing, or numbing-out are all natural coping mechanisms for Type Nines. 

According to Heights Family Counseling, giving yourself alone time each week and journaling on why you do the things you do could be beneficial for Type Nines. As a Type Nine, your new mantra is "my presence matters" and be ready to watch the shifts that likely occur (via Heights Family Counseling).

So, Type Nines, are you ready to take the reins in your self-care and try a Hot Girl Walk? MindBodyGreen suggests choosing a route you feel comfortable with, wearing good shoes, and maybe even establishing a fun destination to reward yourself for doing what doesn't always come easily to Type Nines – choosing you.