How The August 11 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

If you're big on lunation rituals, you're well aware that full moons are a time for release. Under the light of a full moon is the perfect time to take stock of what adds joy and light to your life and what needs to go; it's also the perfect time to do the letting go. August 11's full moon happens to mark an ending. It is the final supermoon of 2022, per Old Farmer's Almanac

It's hard to wrap your head around it, but summer is coming to an end soon, and this supermoon is the ideal opportunity to release what you don't want to take into this next season. The full moon lands in Aquarius, but that's not the only link it has to the water sign. Known as the Sturgeon Supermoon, this full moon earned its name due to the fact that sturgeon fish are mostly caught during this portion of the summer. 

It's no wonder why this water sign is getting hit with the full moon's powers the most. But don't worry, the intensity you're feeling is right on the cusp of release to make way for greatness, and this full moon is arriving just in time for that very release. 

The full moon in your sign is all about you, Aquarius

The August 11 full moon lands in your sign, Aquarius (January 20-February 18). So it makes sense that this full moon would shine a spotlight on all things you. Landing in your first house of self, the full moon is quite literally asking you to focus on yourself, per Woman & Home

Your full moon self-reflection is twofold. Firstly, you need to use this full moon to show yourself some love. Recognize how far you have come, and warmly embrace the flaws that make you who you are, per Bustle. There's no denying you've come a long way; pat yourself on the back because it was you that got you there. Unfortunately, while you're the one guiding your journey to self-discovery, it is also only you that can get in your way. 

Full moons call us to release. Release whatever has been holding you back and release any negative energy. Well, Aquarius, this full moon is calling you to release your self-imposed limiting beliefs. Astrologer Erin River Sunday explained to Bustle, "This energy won't feel bad so much as it feels logical and serious, especially regarding how [Aquarians] physically show up in the world." 

Questioning yourself and attempting to release negative self-thought is easier said than done, but draw from the power of this full moon that resides in your own sign to let go of your doubt and insecurities. You can only become the best you once you fully accept yourself.   

Communicate your feelings in a productive way

Aquarians by nature tend to avoid confrontation and keep their feelings to themselves, per Co-Star. But working on yourself this full moon also includes working on yourself in relation to others. When you look within and release all the negative thoughts and emotions holding you back, you may find yourself discovering how you truly feel about your relationships. 

Astrologer Kayse Budd explained to Mind Body Green, "Communication is highlighted right now, and there's a healing opportunity within the sharing and expression." During this intense supermoon, tensions and emotions can feel heightened, and Aquarians have a tendency to bottle things up inside until they explode. Use this full moon to release what's inside, and communicate it effectively. Budd adds, "There could be something unexpected or especially important (an event or realization) for you in this full moon since your ruler Uranus is in a strong square to the moon." 

It can be hard to face the truth, but you can't avoid it as this full moon in your sign shines a light directly on your feelings. Face them, and express them to release the hold they have on you, per InStyle. It's the only way you can truly move forward.