The Reason Hunter Biden Hopped Aboard Air Force One Has Twitter Seeing Red

That Hunter Biden has long escaped being charged following an ongoing FBI investigation is mystifying to some people (via CNN). A look into his business and personal affairs started in 2018, but seems to have taken a back burner for years.


That the president's son is still flying under the radar has been put into even sharper focus following the raid of former president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. Some Republicans are calling for a more in-depth examination of the younger Biden's past dealings and associations and say such an effort would strike a balance with what they see as biased treatment of the GOP leader (via Politico).

Adding fuel to the fire, new images and footage of Biden joining his commander-in-chief father on a family vacation, departing via Air Force One, has Twitter up in arms.

The Bidens are headed to South Carolina for a week of rest and relaxation at a private golf club on Kiawah Island, according to U. S. News & World Report. Not only are some people angry about the timing of the trip given that Joe Biden won't have to answer questions about the raid of his political rival, but Hunter's presence has drawn its own ire.


Twitter calls out a double standard

Author and commentator Clay Travis may have said it best about the infuriating timing of the trip, tweeting, "How corrupt is the FBI? Two days after they raid Donald Trump's private residence, Hunter Biden, whose laptop proving multiple felonies the FBI has had for years, hops on Air Force 1 for a family vacation."


And he was only kicking things off.

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee was a strong voice of condemnation of the seeming double standard on Twitter, saying, "The Justice Department is allegedly refusing to charge Hunter Biden because of the political implications, yet raided a former President's private residence." She went on to declare that these actions did not reflect an "impartial" DOJ.

Biden's laptop repairman John Paul Mac Isaac echoed the sentiment on Fox & Friends. Meanwhile, many more critics of recent events as they pertain to the Donald Trump raid and the political son's getaway flooded Twitter.

Twitter jokes about where Donald Trump should hide things

Adding to the outrage online over Hunter Biden's getaway to a private retreat in the midst of the fallout from the Florida raid, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) was also on hand to maintain that a double standard seemed to exist for each man, opining that the former POTUS had done "nothing wrong" yet had his home raided, while Biden was guilty and is getting off scot free.


A point that a lot of supporters of the raid at Mar-a-Lago repeated en masse was that no one is above the law, which one Twitter user employed upon seeing Biden head off on Air Force One. "No one is above the law, except...Hunter Biden," the individual tweeted in part.

Another frequently-repeated sentiment was that a safe spot to store whatever Donald Trump was allegedly hiding would have been his rival's son's laptop.

It's worth noting that Biden also had his supporters on Twitter, with one person denouncing any notion of a double standard. Remember, Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is seemingly delighting in this latest development in Florida given the uptick in her sales of "But Her Emails" hats, was investigated by the FBI in 2016.