The Royal Whose Original Name Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Called Too 'Yuppie'

It's no secret that the British royal family has to follow certain protocols. There's a very strict royal dress code, and every occasion has a designated style attributed to it. According to the BBC, to an even stricter degree, casual outings for members of the royal family are reportedly dressed to a specific science. Women are to wear a day dress or pants with a sweater, while the men are supposed to put on a blazer paired with a collared shirt.

Even eating with the royal family has strict guidelines. According to Express, other members of the royal family are not allowed to start eating until Queen Elizabeth II does. Additionally, the family is unable to continue eating once the queen has finished her meal. If you're not done with your food but Her Majesty has taken her last bite, it's game over! The meal is through when the queen declares it as such.

These are just a few of the weird rules members of the royal family — like William and Kate — are forced to follow. Select protocols even extend to naming children born into the Windsor brood. Apparently, there was one instance where Queen Elizabeth had one of her grandchildren's names changed for a surprising reason.

Princess Beatrice was going to be called something totally different

A new addition to any family is exciting, but it's especially important within the British royal family. Naming a new royal baby comes with a lot of added pressure, though. According to the Independent, royals have to follow several rules when naming their bundles of joy. For example, a name cannot be too unique unless the baby is born further down the family lineage.

These strict rules led to Queen Elizabeth II weighing in on one of her grandchildren's names. The Mirror reports that Princess Beatrice, the daughter of disgraced Prince Andrew and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, was going to be called by a different name before the queen vetoed it. Apparently, Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York, wanted to name their daughter Princess Annabel, but Queen Elizabeth thought the name was a bit too "yuppie." Instead, the queen offered up the name Beatrice, which was taken from Queen Victoria's youngest daughter, and "Annabel" went out the window.