Model Hayley Hasselhoff On Positive Weight Management And Goals - Exclusive Interview

Okay, first things first — yes, Hayley Hasselhoff is actor David Hasselhoff's daughter. But she's so much more than simply related to the international star. She's a model, a supporter of the body-positivity movement, and an outspoken defender of loving yourself no matter what size you are.

The List talked with Hasselhoff exclusively to learn more about her dedication to changing how we see ourselves — on the good days and the bad ones. In fact, according to the Plenity spokesperson, who works with the weight management aid — an FDA-cleared product designed to be used in combination with diet and exercise — it's those bad days that define you. 

In our interview, Hasselhoff discussed more about her journey to love herself and shared tips on working toward a healthy relationship with weight, body image, and yourself. No matter what stage of body acceptance you are at, her words are sure to strike a chord and help you feel less alone.

She's on an ongoing health journey just like us

Can you tell us a bit about your career and your role with Plenity?

I am an actor, designer, curve model, and host — as well as an advocate for body positivity and mental health. I wear many different hats and am always on the go, so I wanted to ignite a newfound health journey for myself, and that is what led me to Plenity. I love that Plenity is made with naturally-derived ingredients and is designed to mimic the physical properties of vegetables through their incredible science.

Can you share your approach to body positivity and why you think this is such an important message for people to hear?

Our bodies don't define us — we define us. As a body positive advocate and curve model, I have found that size doesn't define your worth and happiness, yet the way in which we take care of ourselves is of utter importance.

I also want people to know that they don't have to feel ashamed for having different health goals throughout their lives. One thing we don't speak up about enough is the evolution of self. I would encourage everyone to build out a personalized toolbox to help you through your good and bad body days. For me, it's allowing myself to live without judgment on the days in which I need to rest my mind. Then, [I get] back at it by easing into the things that make me feel validated beyond my size.

Find techniques that help you reconnect to your self-worth beyond your size. Our bodies are our best friends and vessels through this life!

What struggles have you encountered in the modeling industry as it relates to weight stigma?

The fashion industry hasn't always been the most size-inclusive. We still have a long way to go, but things are starting to change — and I have been so fortunate to be part of this body-positive movement within the industry.

Hayley Hasselhoff says you can love yourself throughout your journey

Can you talk about how being on a health journey and loving yourself can coexist?

I believe you can love your body the way that it is, and you can love your body while working to achieve new health goals — those two things are not at odds. We must ignite love for who we see in the mirror today to get to where we want to evolve to tomorrow.

I started taking Plenity, which is made from naturally derived ingredients. It is an FDA-cleared prescription product and it helps me feel more satisfied with smaller portions by feeling fuller. Having smaller portions throughout my day allows me to be more mindful [of] how I am nourishing my body. What I have also learned is that weight is not an issue of faltering willpower, and there are clinical tools available to help and support you in a positive, nature-inspired way like Plenity.

Hayley Hasselhoff shares her 3 M's

What do you want young women and girls to learn from your example?

I feel so lucky that today I get to live my life authentically and share it with people so they can see that they are beautiful and worthy no matter what shape or size. You are special just the way you are right here, right now. Comparison is the worst enemy as it dilutes the worth you see in yourself.

I try to tell each person to live in the "three M's" to connect back to you — that's mindfulness, movement, and mental engagement. Live in a state of full acceptance and self-discovery as it allows for you to accept your good days and your bad days. Once we get comfortable with understanding that it is okay to have bad days, it allows for us to feel in control of the emotions about ourselves that may come as a surprise, but to accept them without judgment and to know we need our bad days to validate, process, and move on to get back to our good ones.

Plenity may be able to help you on your journey

Where can people who want support in their health journeys go for more information?

Plenity is a prescription product. For more information, go to

Can you explain what you mean by an evidence-based approach to making a change to your health?

There is robust science and clinical data behind Plenity, and that was important to me.

Can you tell us about your personal experience with Plenity?

I was able to get a free consultation with a healthcare provider by going to the website. No matter how late I was working, or what time zone I was in, I could start the online visit at a time that was most convenient for me. Since starting Plenity and starting with one of their lifestyle coaches, I have been feeling more satisfied with smaller portions and working to be more mindful and present during meals. The size I am does not dictate how I feel about myself, yet I have noticed I feel my best when I am confident with my relationship around healthy habits.

Plenity is a prescription product. You can learn more by visiting, or @plenity and #myplenity on Instagram. You can keep up with Hayley across Instagram and Twitter by following @hhasselhoff and keep up to date with TikTok by following @hayleyhasselhoff.

This interview was edited for clarity.