Grace Caroline Currey Talks Working Through Harsh Conditions On Fall — Exclusive

Grace Caroline Currey and her co-star, Virginia Gardner, appear in the new thriller "Fall" as two thrill-seeking best friends. Their characters, Becky (Currey) and Hunter (Gardner), love pushing through fear to reach new heights on their daring climbing expeditions. But after a terrible accident, Becky is hesitant to climb again. When Hunter convinces her to do one more climbing trip, the pair end up stranded at the top of a 2,000-foot disused radio tower. They have limited supplies, no way to get down, and no service to call for help. In a life-or-death situation, the two girls come together to fight to survive in this tense and gripping film.

Just as their characters come together to fight the odds, Currey said the actresses became a strong team while filming. During an exclusive interview with The List, Grace Caroline Currey discussed some of the most difficult parts of doing this project and how she and Gardner helped each other through those challenges on long filming days.

Difficult filming conditions in Fall

Anyone watching "Fall" is sure to be on the edge of their seat as they watch the two main characters fight against the odds to survive and try to contact help while stranded at the top of a breaking-down radio tower. So as you can likely imagine, filming that kind of story came with its share of challenges. Grace Caroline Currey talked to The List about what it was like for her and her co-star, Virginia Gardner, to work under such challenging conditions.

"We were so high up on the tower, and I had to have a stunt harness on at all times to be safe because we were not going to have actors falling, dying while shooting this thing," Currey said. Though the stunt harness was necessary, it made it difficult to take breaks. Filming on the tower was also hot and somewhat inaccessible. "We were out in the desert, in the sun for hours, with a little pulley system to get us water. It was crazy," the actress said. On top of all those physical challenges, they also had to perform stunts and very emotional scenes. "Oftentimes, it's days of it back to back, where basically you're going to the gym and crying every day," Currey said.

Supporting each other through the long shoots

Because most of the film takes place at the top of the radio tower, Becky, played by Grace Caroline Currey, and Hunter, played by Virginia Gardner, are the only characters on screen for a majority of the time. Therefore, it was important for the actresses to come together and help each other through the difficult filming conditions and challenging scenes.

Currey described the pair of them as a unit and said they'd look out for each other to make sure they didn't push too hard while filming. "We were a unit. We were a team, and a lot of it was us checking in with each other," she said. It got to the point where each could understand how the other actress was feeling by looking at her. And Currey said they'd often ask to take a break when they could see that their co-star was getting tired. "There were definitely times where I'd look at Ginnie, and I'm like, 'We're ready. We need to come down for a break.'" Currey explained that it was good to have each other in that way because if it had just been one of them, it would have been easy to push too hard. "She was so driven and hardworking, and I really love to apply myself and work hard ... But at times, you got to be careful you're not overdoing it," she said.

"Fall," starring Grace Caroline Currey, is currently in theaters.