How Many Brides-To-Be Actually Cheat At Their Bachelorette Party?

Whether or not you've attended a bachelorette party before, we all know how bachelorette party culture is. It's all about having your last hoorah before tying the knot. We all understand why bachelor and bachelorette parties have this connotation and that a lot of aspects of the "last hoorah" theme are jokes. Still, for folks who have been victims of affairs in the past, this notion may not be so funny.

People tend to think of their bachelor/bachelorette parties as having slightly bent rules compared to any other night, notes the Sunday Times. Yet, according to a study by Online Gambling, 12% of people claim that their partner doesn't know about everything that went on at their bachelor/bachelorette party.

There are plenty of reasons why women may cheat on their partners, and it's possible that the pressure of being betrothed may be one of the biggest. Still, the number of brides-to-be who actually betray their partner at their bachelorette party may surprise you.

How many bachelorettes are unfaithful?

According to research by Statistic Brain Research Institute, around 2.6% of brides-to-be cheat on their partner at their bachelorette party (via Wedding Frontier). This statistic is definitely on the low side. That said, it's important to note that if folks are trying to hide something from their partner, it's very possible that they may lie about it for the purposes of a research study.

While only 2.6% of women at their bachelorette party fess up to actually cheating on their partner, this can mean different things to different people; 31% of people actually believe that the rules regarding what is and isn't infidelity are different on bachelor/bachelorette night (via Online Gambling). Bearing all of this in mind, 46% of women said that they enjoyed their bachelorette party but that they, themselves, didn't engage in any kind of sexual activity. Likely surprising to no one, Vegas does, in fact, get a bit wilder. One in five women who attended a bachelorette party in Las Vegas say that the future bride did something sexual that night (via PopSugar).

Why brides-to-be cheat

It may be hard for some of us to imagine cheating on someone we've already said the big "yes" to. Still, there are plenty of people who do it, and there's more than one reason why. We've all heard of runaway brides or the concept of getting cold feet. The reason the upcoming big day makes some folks anxious is because commitment can be scary. Some people are reluctant to give up all that comes along with being single (via Wedding Frontier).This can be especially difficult to cope with on a night that is designed to make you feel... well, single. It's also possible that these feelings go deeper than that. Maybe she's questioning whether she wants to get married or whether she wants to be with her spouse-to-be, at all.

Of course, there are some people who are just going to cheat no matter what. Humans aren't necessarily monogamous, and whether monogamy is the best option for you can vary from person to person (via Science Direct). If this kind of behavior is going to surface in someone, the bachelor/bachelorette party is a likely time. 

If any of these feelings sound familiar to you, or even if you suspect your future spouse might be having similar thoughts, that doesn't mean that infidelity or a breakup are certainly in your future. Communication is key; find a gentle way to talk to your partner about how you're both feeling before you walk down the aisle. If you're honest and supportive with each other, then your relationship can last a lifetime.