The Britney Spears Song You Should Listen To If You're A Libra

Britney Spears has millions of fans across the globe. Fans first saw Spears on "The New Mickey Mouse Club" alongside future big names like Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, and Keri Russell. However, she became the pop princess when she dropped her first single "...Baby One More Time," per All Music.

"I knew it was a great song," Spears told The Guardian in during the song's 20th anniversary celebration in 2018. "It was different and I loved it." The song became a quick hit, and fans all over the country were singing the lyrics and imitating Spears' iconic skirt and cardigan look from the music video (via Us Weekly). The album that followed was also a success and contained hits such as "Sometimes" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy." When Spears began dating her former "MMC" co-star and *NSYNC frontman Timberlake, her fame skyrocketed even further, per Biography.

She went on to release many more albums with singles that would tear up the charts and grow her fanbase. Spears' fans fell in love with not only her music and lyrics, but also her sweet southern persona and her ability to keep her head held high during difficult times in her life (via Celeb Mix). For longtime fans, it seems that there is a Britney song for every mood and situation, but there is also a song for each individual zodiac sign.

Libras enjoy love but are indecisive

If you're a Libra (born between September 23 to October 22), then you may share some traits with the one and only Britney Spears, which may even help you relate to the singer. The pop star may be a Sagittarius sun sign, but her rising sign is Libra, per PopSugar.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and Libras are known for their need to feel balanced. The air sign is said to crave peace and harmony, but they also have a deep love for aesthetically pleasing things like home decor and clothing (via Parade). The sign is ruled by romantic and beautiful Venus; all things considered, it's not surprising to see the sign setting trends.

Libras are very social and enjoy having their loved ones near them. They're described as being friendly and balanced but can often have a hard time making up their mind when it comes to life choices, per Bustle. "They can see multiple perspectives and have a difficult time asserting one idea as the only right one," astrologer Anna Kovach tells Best Life. In addition, the sign can be bossy and self-absorbed and can get caught up in their looks. Libras are also said to be fickle and can change their minds at the drop of a hat.

Of course, there seems to be one Spears song that fits the personality traits of a Libra, and it just so happens to be one of the most beloved and popular hits of her career.

Oops!... I Did It Again is the perfect song for Libras

If you were born under the sign of Libra, you might have heard that you're a bit of a flirt at some point in your life. Libras are all about love thanks to their ruling planet Venus, but they are usually perceived as friendly and sweet. Factor in their tendency toward people-pleasing, and it's easy to get a crush on the air sign. This is why Britney Spears' "Oops!... I Did It Again" is the perfect song for Libras (via Garage). The sign has likely dealt with unreciprocated feelings in the past and can often be looked at as a catch because of their kindness and beauty. In Spears' hit song, she sings about accidentally making people fall in love with her, even though she's "not that innocent." This can well describe many Libras, who might find themselves relating to the tune.

Of course, if you're looking for more than just a Britney song to celebrate your Libra energy, there are plenty of jams that will likely having you feeling some type of way. Songs like "Born With Way" by Lady Gaga and "Chasing Pavements" by Adele may be ideal for the air sign (via Bustle). "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne, "Climax" by Usher, and "Thank U, Next" by Ariana Grande may also be up your alley, per PopSugar.

So the next time you're singing along to your favorite song like "Oops!... I Did It Again," think about why it may resonate with you so much.