Melania Trump's Confidantes Reveal How She Feels About A Second Shot At First Lady

It's no secret that former president Donald Trump was outspoken about his feelings throughout his presidency. He often took to Twitter to speak out about everything from the weekly "Saturday Night Live" sketches to commentary on foreign policy (via The Washington Post). When he was banned from the platform, he created his own social media site, where he continues to speak his mind to his loyal followers. 

The 45th president's wife, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. Melania Trump was never one to make a habit of speaking online or even at in-person events. According to People, biographers who have studied her time in the White House have claimed that she is the most reluctant first lady in American history. While she was quiet in the spotlight, making it unclear how she really felt about being the first lady, biographer Kate Bennett believes she did enjoy her time in the nation's capital.

"She liked all the accouterments that go with being first lady and living in the White House. I think she actually really enjoyed it. In fact, I know she did," Bennett claims. While many thought she may have been miserable in the position, those who are close to her feel differently. Now, even a close confidante of the former first lady is weighing in on if she is open to taking on her role in the White House again.

Melania may be more interested in returning to the White House than many believe

It's been assumed that the former first lady Melania Trump is much happier with her quiet life outside of the White House. In fact, a close friend of the Trump family revealed that she'd much rather spend her time outside of the public eye, as noted by CNN.

"That's how she likes it. The more she can be private and not in the public eye, the better," the source claimed. "And there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, if every single person in the world watched your every move for four or five years, and that wasn't comfortable for you — just imagine how triggering that must have been."

However, a confidant close to Melania has a different story. Her long-time friend, Toni Holt Kramer, told the Daily Mail that Melania was an integral part of her husband's administration, even if most of her efforts played out behind closed doors.

Kramer described how loyal of a wife Melania is to the former president and how she often served as a sounding board for Donald Trump while he was in office. When asked if she thought Melania would want to be the first lady again, Kramer said, "I believe Donald will run again and win — and Melania will be right there beside him."

Even Donald believes Melania would be on board to return to the White House

Former president Donald Trump has not officially announced a campaign for 2024, though many believe it is only a matter of time before he does. Following the FBI raid on his Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, those close to him have reportedly advised him to launch his campaign sooner rather than later in an attempt to avoid an indictment (per The Guardian). It would be more difficult for the Department of Justice to indict a candidate running for office than if he remained a private citizen.

It seems that we can expect Donald to make his 2024 plans clear in the upcoming weeks, and if he does choose to run, it seems he feels confident Melania Trump will be along for the ride. When rumors were swirling that Melania may not want to take up her role as the first lady again, the former president quickly shut down those allegations.

According to Newsweek, it was on an episode of "Fox & Friends" where he set the record straight, stating, "No, that's not true," when pressed about whether Melania was firmly against returning to the White House.

Between Donald's denial and the reports of her close confidant, it appears Melania may be more open to becoming the first lady again than originally believed.