The Britney Spears Song You Should Listen To If You're An Aquarius

Super cool Aquarians won't give away everything away up front with the songs they queue or put in a playlist — instead, they'll let things simmer for a bit, building up to the true statement piece when the time is right. Per Cosmopolitan, the air sign is a culture-maker whose quirky sensibilities tend to activate others' creative spark.

Aquarius can sometimes seem distant or wrapped up in their own worlds, but as one of the zodiac's biggest dreamers, they need extra time to rest and recuperate in the safety of their own minds. Their independence can be a major turn on for signs who interact with Aquarius, since they tend to set boundaries that protect their energy and goals.

Straightforward communication comes easily to Aquarius, per Cosmopolitan, and Britney Spears' catalogue has plenty of highlights for this sign who never fails to speak their mind. Plus, the air sign is deeply invested in their own freedom, a theme which recurs throughout Spears' musical catalogue, as well as her real-life experience with an oppressive conservatorship controlling her personal life and career. Freedom-seeking Aquarians can commiserate with the singer, joining her quest for complete autonomy.

Questioning an Aquarius won't get you far

Garage's Fashion Horoscopes sees Britney Spears' 2004 hit "My Prerogative" as the ideal anthem to remind the Aquarius just how powerful they really are. The song was originally recorded in 1988 by recording artist Bobby Brown on the album "Don't Be Cruel," per Genius. It addresses what the singer is willing to put up with when it comes to those around them and dealing with unnecessary barriers in the way of their goals.

The lyrics come on full-throttle, saying, "People can take everything away from you / But they can never take away your truth," per Genius. Britney Spears and Aquarians both  hate getting taken advantage of and staying loyalty to their own standards is crucial to survival.

The song then challenges listeners to acknowledge the singer's own truth: "But the question is / Can you handle mine?" When Aquarians get questioned by those around them, they're not ones to suppress their big ideas, and they'll likely double-down on their position. Just as Britney sings, "They say I'm crazy, I really don't care / That's my prerogative."

Cosmopolitan emphasizes the importance of Aquarians sticking to their guns, rarely taking others' opinions as dealbreakers. And, as Britney sings, "I don't need permission, make my own decisions." This self-assuredness will most definitely resonate with an Aquarius dealing with the realities of a world that tries its best to make them doubt their spot-on intuition.

The Aquarius is all about their independence

"My Prerogative" by Britney Spears is also major inspiration for an Aquarius with law-breaking fantasies or an authority complex. As Garage's Fashion Horoscopes points out, the iconic music video kicks off with Britney crashing a car into a pool, while the song goes on to assert that her wild ideas are a divine right. Though not every Aquarius may be able to act out their dream music video concepts or perform complex stunts, they should absolutely honor their right to be totally over the top (even if it's only in their own minds).

Aquarians also tend to have super present inner monologues, according to Fashion Horoscopes, so Britney's narration in the video declaring the first lines of the song are unmistakable Aquarius vibes.

This air sign, known as the water bearer, is also a dedicated supporter of social causes and the betterment of society, per Cosmopolitan. But Aquarius knows that they can't fight for others while being stripped of their own rights; in demanding that listeners honor Britney's prerogative to live how she wants, she gives others permission to do the same. 

Strong-willed Aquarians can definitely attest to one lyric as an ideal mantra, whether they're addressing authority figures, suffocating cultural expectations, or uneven power dynamics in interpersonal relationships — "You can't tell me what to do."