How The August 27 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Cancer

The new moon on August 27 will be a great time for all members of the zodiac to take stock of what's working in their lives and figure out what changes need to be made moving forward. New moons are all about clean slates (via Bustle), so doing your best to plan for some practical and much-needed changes would likely be in the best interest of many during the lunation.

This month's new moon comes in the sign of Virgo, which is known for its attention to detail and organizing skills, so take a page out of the earth sign's book and create a to-do list, finish that home improvement project, or give your living space a good scrub. "This new moon reminds us that we're playing for the long game, and nothing long-lasting comes quickly," astrologer Imani Quinn tells PopSugar. "It may also inspire you to evaluate how you take care of your health."

For those looking for ways to get some self-care during the lunation, Eco-Age suggests doing your best to get some extra rest and engage in some relaxing activities such as a massage or a spiritual bath. Eating healthy and practicing gratitude may also benefit you during this time.

If your zodiac sign is Cancer, communication may be very important for you during the new moon.

Cancer may want to consider journaling during the new moon on August 27

If you were born under the sign of Cancer (June 21 to July 22), the new moon on August 27 is an ideal time for you to strengthen your connections, per Bustle. This could mean visiting family members or friends that you haven't seen in a while, or just sitting down to get to know your coworkers a bit better. In addition, helping out in your community is another great way to build connections. Communicating with those around you during the lunation will feel right, but if you start conversations about important topics be sure to listen and think about your words before you speak.

Woman & Home notes that the water sign may feel like conversing with a good friend or trusted family member. However, if you're not up to pouring your heart out to another person, sitting down to journal is a great option to help you get your feelings out without facing unwanted opinions from others. By writing down your thoughts and feelings, you'll be able to look back on them later and determine how to deal with them. "This Virgo new moon invites you to practice rituals centered around your vulnerabilities and sensitives alike. Observe and provide a lending ear, yet be mindful of not taking anything too personally," astrologer Stephanie Whaley tells PopSugar.

Cancer should trust their intuition during the new moon

According to Allure, the new moon on August 27 would be a perfect opportunity for Cancer to have a gathering. Invite your closest friends to have a party to celebrate the lunation and use your communication skills to share your thoughts and feelings about what you want to accomplish during the next month. Your friends will prove to be very important during the lunation so don't push them away. In addition, single Cancers might find themselves with a little crush on someone in their friend group. Whether it's harmless or could actually turn into a real relationship, that's up to you and your pal. However, think about what it would mean to make a move before you spill the beans about your feelings.

Cosmopolitan adds that Cancer should trust their intuition during the new moon. So, use your head and your heart when deciding what information you want to share with the people closest to you. If you feel like it's time to finally speak out about something that's been weighing on you, then be ready for whatever consequences — whether good or bad — that will follow.

It seems that Cancer will have a lot of feelings to deal with during the new moon, but that's not unusual from the emotional sign. Just remember to trust yourself during the lunation.