The Untold Truth Of Busy Philipps

You may know Busy Philipps from her iconic acting roles on Dawson's Creek and Freaks and Geeks, her public best friendship with fellow actor Michelle Williams, or her current reign as the queen of Instagram stories. This multi-hyphenate star has gained fans for her work as well as her hilarious personality, which she showcases daily on social media. Here's the untold story of Busy Philipps.

Her daughters may not be allowed to have their own social media until they're adults

Busy Philipps makes many aspects of her life accessible to her fans via her frequent Instagram output. On many days, she shares multiple photos and stories with her 766,000 (and climbing) followers. And while her daughters Birdie and Cricket frequently make an appearance on her feed, fans of the adorable LA family likely won't be able to follow the youngest Philipps family members for a while. 

Busy has said that while allowing her kids to have their own social media accounts is something she'll eventually discuss with her husband, she may not be up for it. She told Elle, "I'm not sure if I'll allow them to have public accounts when they're underage. I do have friends, celebrity friends or people in the public eye who do allow their kids to have public accounts, and I understand that too. The kids want it, and I think everyone makes the decision that's right for their family."

Her oldest daughter parodied her on Halloween

For Halloween in 2017, Philipps' oldest daughter Birdie dressed up as... Busy Philipps! It was a spot-on sendup that will be familiar to the mama Philipps' Instagram followers. Birdie's costume included many of her mom's stylish signatures: pink hair in a high ponytail, a flowy caftan, an oversized "chill pills" phone case, Gucci Ace sneakers, and, of course, iced coffee. She even nailed the facial expression. Philipps shared a photo of the look on Instagram with the caption, "I Am Dead."

She has matching BFF jackets with her bestie Michelle Williams

Matching best friend necklaces or friendship bracelets were cool when you were a little kid. When you're an adult in a famous best friendship, it's all about best friend leather jackets. Philipps and her bestie Michelle Williams, who both co-starred on Dawson's Creek back in the day, have extremely cool matching outerwear that they've showed off on social media. 

On Williams' birthday in 2017, Philipps shared a photo of the pair walking down the street in their jackets, which, when put together say "best friends" inside of a heart, and wrote, "Found her. Happy birthday to my better half. I love you, M. You make everything better."

She attends award shows as Michelle Williams' plus-one

It's fun to watch award shows and discover celebrity relationships or marriages you never knew about. But it's even more fun to tune in and observe a thriving, loving female friendship. Busy Philipps frequently attends red carpet events as the plus-one of her awards darling bestie Michelle Williams. 

They not only always have amazing looks, but they also demonstrate how much they care for and support one another. Just in 2017, the pair attended the Golden Globes, the SAG awards, and the Oscars together. They were even sitting next to each other in the front row at the Academy Awards and had hilarious matching shocked expressions when the wrong best picture winner was announced. 

At an event in November 2017, Williams even pretended to propose to Philipps, which was both amazing and torturous for anyone who ships them IRL.

She shouted out her kids' nanny on Mother's Day

On Mother's Day of 2017, Philipps thanked someone very important to her family: her kids' nanny. She shared a photo on Instagram of herself, her two daughters, and their nanny, and wrote, "Happy Mother's Day to all those who mother IN ALL WAYS today! This is Iliana — our daughter's [sic] fabulous nanny, who has two wonderful grown children of her own but takes such amazing care of our children and truthfully, of me. I know mother's day is hard for many people and I'm sending you all love today." This is the kind of down-to-earth honesty that makes Philipps' fans love her.

Her husband is directing the newest Amy Schumer comedy

Philipps is married to screenwriter Marc Silverstein, who is credited on the scripts for rom-coms like How to Be Single and Never Been Kissed. His next movie — the first one he will direct — is the Amy Schumer comedy I Feel Pretty. According to The New Yorker, the film is about "an average woman who believes that her looks have been magically transformed during a SoulCycle session," and it co-stars Philipps and BFF Michelle Williams.

She gets stopped on the street most for her Instagram stories

Philipps has been a part of many huge TV shows. In recent years, she's co-starred in Vice Principals and Cougar Town. Plus, she was a staple of early 2000s teen TV with her roles on Dawson's Creek and Freaks and Geeks. But Philipps says when she gets stopped on the street by fans nowadays, they usually want to talk about her wildly popular Instagram stories. 

Philipps told Cosmopolitan in 2017, "I'm weirdly stopped more on the street now for my Instagram than any acting I've done over the last five years. I was stopped four times on the street yesterday by random people, so that's pretty unusual for me. I wasn't expecting that." Her stories, which often feature funny anecdotes and real moments from her daily life, give a truthful behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood and motherhood.

She made more money from social media ads last year than acting

Philipps is not squandering her moment in the social media spotlight. The actress revealed in an Instagram video (via Vanity Fair) that she made more money in 2016 from Instagram partnerships than from acting. And don't try to call out Philipps for supposedly selling out, because she is having none of that. She says she only partners with brands that she actually likes — such as craft store Michael's — and explains, "We all gotta make money." Well, you can't really argue with that.

She missed two things while doing Whole30

In October 2017, Philipps embarked on the Whole30 challenge because, as she put it in an Instagram caption, "I just did it cause literally every person I've ever known was doing it and I thought it would be good to get myself back on track before the holidays and an interesting challenge. Which it was. Both of those things. Yay!!" 

The program requires cutting out sugar, dairy, and grains for a month. While doing Whole30, Philipps frequently posted about the two treats she missed the most: tequila and cinnamon gummy bears. On November 2nd, she posted a video to her stories (that I witnessed, and nabbed the screenshot above) with the caption: "The cinnamon gummies are no longer calling my name" and then shared a photo of a tasty Whole30-approved dish she was enjoying: dates in olive oil with tahini. But when the program was over, she admitted that some days were "rough," especially when she longed for those two vices. And on the first day after the program, of course, she shared a photo of herself enjoying a tequila cocktail.

Her workout of choice is LEKfit

Philipps often shares selfies and videos of herself sweating it out at her favorite boutique gym, LEKfit. The studio's exercise classes offer dance-inspired workouts that are no joke. According to their website, LEKfit's method is designed to "create long and lean muscles by using intervals of low impact, high intensity, fat burning cardio with muscle sculpting techniques created to strengthen and tone." If you want to workout like a celeb (and/or sight celebs while you burn calories), they offer daily classes at their Hancock Park location in LA.