How Kristen Stewart's Style Changed When She Started Dating Dylan Meyer

Kristen Stewart's relationship history has been a hot button issue in the past, with fans shipping her and "Twilight" co-star Robert Pattinson, plus her relationships with stars like model Stella Maxwell and musician St. Vincent, per Pop Sugar. But now, the actress has found her forever partner in screenwriter Dylan Meyer, and they couldn't look better together.

The two were first spotted hanging out in August 2019, per Harper's Bazaar, though Stewart told Howard Stern that year they had first met on a film set six years earlier. In November 2021, after two years of dating she announced their engagement via Stern's show and have been lovey dovey on social media over the course of their relationship. They are even collaborating in their professional lives — Stewart told Vanity Fair about her role in an upcoming TV project penned by her screenwriter fiancée. 

Though Stewart initially had reservations mixing business with pleasure; she told Vanity Fair, "You don't want that to affect this beautiful relationship you have." However, the couple were bonded further when the writing process went well. "Like we discovered a superbrain," Stewart shared. "She's a really genuinely brilliant f***ing screenwriter." The adorable couple has more in common than their new project, and have been leaning into cute matching outfits whenever they can. Though Kristen Stewart has always been stylish, she seems to be taking some adorable cues from fiancée Dylan Meyer. 

Kristen Stewart's style has developed since childhood in the spotlight

Kristen Stewart's style has seen a broad range — from its Y2K faded jeans to 2010's mini dresses — and her more recent looks have alternated punk edge with old Hollywood glam, per Teen Vogue. Though she and fiancée Dylan Meyer embody these aesthetics in both their street style and award show garb, since connecting with Meyers, the actress has appeared to take bigger swings with suits and playing around with traditionally gendered clothing.

Harper's Bazaar has commented on the couple's matching street style, as they walked in NYC wearing white T-shirts, denim pants, and Meyer with an oversized sweater and Stewart wearing blazer. And the Daily Mail pointed out that they pair have their hair dyed a similar shade of icy blonde, though Stewart's is the warmer color of the two.

The couple have leaned into their similar looks, as Meyer posted a photo of them appearing as near mirror images in an Instagram photo — both had their blonde hair in messy buns, wore white T-shirts, and identical looking black pants as they lay in each other's arms in front of a fireplace. They've also taken to Instagram to show off a couples' Halloween costume and matching Neon T-shirts paired with mini skirts, the later of which seem to be a favorite of Meyer's. The couple seems prone to wearing complementary outfits, usually including crop tops and shorts or leggings, as well as colorful Vans and Converse, per The Zoe Report

Their Oscars looks were showstoppers

Stewart has been a Chanel ambassador since 2013, and when she appeared at the 2022 Academy Awards as a first-time nominee for the Princess Diana biopic "Spencer," she made sure to represent, per Harper's Bazaar. The actress told outlet in March of 2022 about her Oscars look, "I didn't want to feel placed in an outfit, I wanted to feel it's second skin." Accompanied by her partner Dylan Meyer, Stewart was dressed to impress in custom Chanel, which is a rarity for the brand, according to Stewart's stylist, Tara Swennen. She told InStyle, "It's the first time that Chanel has ever done custom. So, it's very exciting. It is a beautiful piece that really embodies her and who she is."

Dylan Meyer appeared alongside her fiancée in a similar look, doubling the effect of Stewart's debonaire suit. Meyer's shirt buttoned at the top while Stewart's came together at the bottom, and Meyer's went for a classic pant suit while Stewart wore custom shorts, making their looks perfectly complementary. 

Per InStyle, for the entirety of Oscars weekend, the couple made sure to stay matching while they dressed to impress. The pair also stunned in cream-colored outfits for the 2022 Critic's Choice Awards, according to People, though Meyer wore a more structured suit with a bandeau top while Stewart wore a simply embellished dress.