The Truth About Beauty YouTuber Nicol Concilio

Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have opened up many possibilities for people when it comes to creative yet lucrative careers, and many young people now want to opt to become a full-time social media influencer. According to a poll conducted by Harris Poll and LEGO, in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China, 29% of children now want to become YouTubers instead of becoming an astronaut.

Since one doesn't have to undergo any formal education or training to become a social media influencer, per se, many people think that it is a piece of cake. However, as UNUM explains, akin to other career choices, becoming an influencer takes a lot of time and effort. For instance, there are thousands of beauty YouTubers across the globe nowadays, but only a few make a mark and continue to do so despite the cut-throat market competition.

One such influencer is American YouTuber Nicol Concilio, who — according to Famous Birthdays — started her social media career in 2008 and has been rising in popularity since then. And while she is a popular face on social media, there are many interesting facts about her that her fans don't know.

She's an all-rounder

Just like other famous beauty vloggers and YouTubers, including Jeffree Star, who — according to Insider — was a musician before he became a makeup guru, and Huda Kattan, who had a finance job before she started her makeup business and social media career (via Forbes), Nicol Concilio also had work experiences in not one, not two, but several fields before becoming a beauty influencer.

As detailed by Insider, Concilio had many different jobs before she learned the art of makeup and launched her YouTube career. The social media personality revealed her past career choices on Twitter back in January 2020 in a reply to American make-up artist Laura Lee. Lee had detailed the jobs she had worked before becoming a YouTuber and asked her fans and followers to mention the types of jobs they'd had before their current professions. "Dog washer, receptionist, bank teller, medical assistant, phlebotomist, EKG tech," Concilio tweeted, proving that she is an all-rounder. 

She's famous on multiple social media platforms

Unlike many social media influencers who stick to one platform, Nicol Concilio is not only famous on YouTube but she has a large number of followers on multiple social media platforms. Her YouTube channel, which she created in 2008, currently boasts 829K subscribers. That aside, her videos have garnered over 60M views on the video-sharing platform.

And while she started her social media influencer career via YouTube, the New York native has amassed a whopping 1.1 million followers on Instagram. On the other hand, she has over 95K followers on Twitter, 67K followers on Facebook, and 337K followers on TikTok.

Speaking during "The YouTube Power Hour Podcast" in 2016 about her social media success and how she racked up more than 1 million followers on Instagram, Concilio told host Erika Vieira that she started makeup videos because she wanted to help people. "That's like why I wanted to do this whole thing anyway, was just to help people, whether it be helping them apply makeup, or helping them with like real-life issues. I always wanted to be that escape for people," she said.

She struggled with mental health issues

While Nicol Concilio seems to have worked very hard to solidify her social media presence over the years, fame also comes with a set of challenges. Taking to Twitter in July 2018, Concilio revealed that she was struggling with mental health issues. She also added that she was "afraid of disappointing" her fans. She, however, mentioned that the people-pleasing trait of her personality was taking a toll on her well-being.

"Tbh with you guys, my mental health isn't really that great right now and I think that's what is messing me all up. I'm so afraid of a lot of aspects in my life. I'm afraid of disappointing you guys. I'm trying to please everyone and it's actually killing me," she wrote on the micro-blogging website.

In a subsequent tweet, Concilio wrote that she did not intend to take a break from making her videos because she was passionate about it but added that she wanted to focus on her mental health. She shared, "I just feel very lonely sometimes and hella judged. It's really, really messing with my health."

If you or someone you know needs help with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.

She is engaged to Riley Anderson

In February this year, Nicol Concilio got engaged to her boyfriend, Riley Anderson. Taking to her Instagram page, she posted a picture, which was captured against the breathtaking backdrop of the snow-capped mountains of the Sun Valley in Idaho, in which Riley could be seen kneeling on one knee to propose to Concilio.

"On 2/28 Riley made me the happiest girl in the world. I'm engaged to my best friend [...] I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you babe!!" she wrote in the caption.  In another Instagram post, she revealed that the couple had already started searching for a wedding venue, adding that they were planning the big day in the "fall of 2023." Per Legends Bio, the couple had been dating for a few years before getting engaged. Both of them had also been posting each other's photos on their respective Instagram accounts for quite some time.

Before being betrothed to Anderson, Concilio was in a relationship with a guy named Nick, who according to "The YouTube Power Hour Podcast," was also her manager. However, in March 2018, the coupled decided to part ways. "Yes guys Nick and I have broken up. This is definitely something I'm not 100% ready to talk about because I don't want to let you all down, but I had to do what was best for me and sometimes people go down different paths," the YouTuber announced on Twitter.

She's connected to celebrities

While Nicol Concilio became famous due to her hard work and commitment, she also gained many followers because of her celebrity connections. In February 2018, she posted a video on her YouTube channel in which she could be seen performing the blindfold makeup challenge on American TV personality, Nicole Richie.

That's not all! She has posed with many A-list celebrities as well. On June 30, she shared a picture on her Instagram page in which she could be seen clicking a selfie with American singer Selena Gomez. "The nicest person I've met. Thank you so much [Selena Gomez] for being so kind and adding so much positivity into the beauty space! Most importantly, thank you for being an advocate for mental health," Concilio wrote in the caption.

Before that, the YouTuber also posed with American model, Hailey Bieber. Moreover, in April this year, she posted an Instagram video in which she could be seen posing alongside American actress Sydney Sweeney.