The Best Ways To Style Your Favorite Comfy Cardigan

Cardigans are a style staple all year round, but especially in fall and winter. They come in many, many different shapes and sizes, from balloon sleeves and cropped silhouettes to classic oversized fits. Whether you're a fan of neutrals or prefer a bold and bright color palette, cardigans are an easy way to turn an outfit from boring to chic. They require very little effort but can often make the simplest of outfits appear well-thought-out and put together, making them an extremely versatile piece to have in your closet.

Taylor Swift even named one of her songs after the classic cardigan, which is how you know they're timeless. Heavily associated with trends like the cottagecore aesthetic, the best thing about cardigans is that they will match pretty much every style, whether you are a Dr. Martens and jeans kind of person or prefer flowing sundresses. However you style them, cardigans remain comfy, cozy, and your new outfit best friend.

An oversized cardigan is key to achieving an effortless look

According to Harper's Bazaar, the simplest way to style a cardigan is with jeans and a T-shirt. The tee can be plain or graphic, though depending on how many buttons of your cardigan are done up you may not be able to see the print underneath. The key to this look is making sure your cardigan is oversized rather than snug, as this is what will give your outfit a casual and cool feel as well as being more comfortable. 

To make this look work for colder weather, The Trend Spotter recommends pairing your cardigan with a turtleneck or high-neck top underneath instead of a T-shirt. Swap out your trainers for ankle boots, and you've got yourself the perfect fall look. The beauty of cardigans lie in their adaptability, so experimenting with patterns and colors is vital to elevate your look. For example, if you have an all-black outfit, opt for a bright red cardigan and match with red lips for a casual outfit that isn't dull. On the other hand, if you're a fan of patterned cardigans it's important to tone the rest of your outfit down so your overall look isn't too busy. 

Whether your vibe is preppy or grungy, cardigans can do it all

Another great way to style the cardigan trend is to go full '90s grunge. Take inspiration from Kurt Cobain and pair your slouchy cardigan with some slacks and a baggy T-shirt (via Refinery29) You can also achieve this look with some loose jeans and Dr. Martens for more of a rebellious look that works all year round.

Of course, you can always lean fully into the naturally preppy aesthetic of cardigans. Take inspiration from the 1950s and '60s by opting for a cardigan in pastel colors with oversized collars and cutesy details like pearl buttons. Oversized collars are a trend that's going nowhere soon, as noted by Stylist, so by combining the two you'll be creating a dream fashion combo.

If you're worried about looking too old fashioned, a cropped cardigan with a few of these traditional details is still sophisticated but will look more modern when paired with a skirt or jeans. If you prefer a longer length over cropped, go for a cardigan with pockets and contrast piping so your look doesn't fall into the old lady category instead of a cute but comfy fashion statement.