How To Pull Off A Harry Potter-Themed Nursery

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The first "Harry Potter" book was published back in 1997, but the hype amongst fans of the book and film franchise isn't dying down any time soon. Discovering which Hogwarts house you are in is still a hot topic amongst fans; surprisingly, many of us seem to be Slytherins or Gryffindors, but make sure to give some love to Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws too. 


If you're a huge fan of "Harry Potter" and know everything about the wizarding world, from the name of Bill Weasley's wife to how Hermione wore her hair at the Yule Ball, it's only natural you would want your baby to inherit the "HP" love, too.

There are so many great ideas to create a magical space for your baby, whether you want to go all out or keep things minimalist with a few charming touches. If you want to make it personal and add the crest of your house, that's even better — just make sure to be prepared for the possibility that your baby may be sorted into a different house when they're older!

There are a ton of options to make your Harry Potter nursery special

If you want something more minimal rather than a fully-fledged "Harry Potter" space, why not opt for subtle items like bookends? Parenting website What to Expect recommends Hogwarts-shaped bookends for a magic touch. People love to buy babies books as presents as they make sweet memories, so you'll get plenty of use out of your bookends. Bookends can also be used to hold up bottles of baby lotion too, making them a versatile purchase. 


If you want something grander, mom blog ScaryMommy recommends this beautiful three-tier bookcase. Colorful and honoring all houses equally with its four crests, it will brighten up a nursery of any size.

Alternatively, placing a few prints with quotes that feel particularly special to you around your baby's nursery will let people know you like "Harry Potter" but won't be overbearing. You could go for quotes from your favorite character, like these prints that feature beautiful illustrations and quotes from Dumbledore.

Some of the items can be saved for when your baby is a little older

Much like how the Gryffindor dorms have blankets with the crest on, now your baby can have one too. Though babies don't typically have duvets, you can still adhere to the theme by purchasing a cozy blanket with Harry's iconic glasses on for snuggle time (via Our Family World). As suggested by What to Expect, babies often sleep with a night light, and this stunning LED Hogwarts lamp is ideal for making sure you can keep an eye on your precious little one whilst keeping the magic theme.


For finishing touches, get yourself a cute little plush in the shape of Hedwig to be your baby's companion, just like she was Harry's (via Geek Baby Clothes). Just make sure to take the plush out of the crib until your baby is older, as it's dangerous to have potential choke hazards around for babies.

With all of these ideas, your little "Harry Potter" fan will grow up in a magical space full of wonder and excitement, no matter your budget or taste.