What General Hospital Fans Really Thought Of Valentin's Tear-Filled Confession To Anna

If there was one word to describe the relationship between "General Hospital's" Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), "electric" would be a strong contender, and "authentic" a close second. Part of what makes Anna and Valentin, lovingly nicknamed Vanna, so entertaining to watch is their ability to be completely honest with each other about their feelings — while holding other cards close to their chest. Their emotional transparency is also what makes them work so well together.

The spy couple has come a long way. The truth about Anna and Valentin's past together is that it is one filled with distrust, muddy memories, and even mistaken identity when Anna's recollection of her history was actually her sister's, Alex Devane Marrick, per Soap Opera News. Despite their past, Vanna's relationship has evolved for the better — in one blink, they went from adversaries to reluctant colleagues to more, according to Soaps in Depth.

There's an unexplainable push and pull between them, which keeps fans deeply invested in their love story. With how the current storyline is playing out — Valentin being forced to work with his father, the nefarious Victor Cassadine, all in order to protect his daughter Charlotte (Amelie McLain) — fans were understandably worried that their relationship had an expiration date since he's kept all of this from Anna, according to Soaps.com. That is, however, until now.

Vanna shippers are rejoicing that Valentin has finally come clean to Anna

Vanna reminded fans about why they're the perfect match for each other. In a satisfactory and impassioned moment, Valentin confirmed Anna's suspicions about Victor controlling him, per Soaps.com. Anna was immediately there for him and promised that they would deal with Victor together.

Fans lost it after this scene and even made #Vanna trend on Twitter. In one tweet, a Vanna shipper was thoroughly moved by the emotion in Finola Hughes and Patrick Stuart's scenes together, writing, "Thank you @finolahughes & @japastu and @GeneralHospital for the gift of this performance today. We receive it with thanks & gratitude. #gh #Vanna." After months of being blackmailed by his father, Valentin's heartfelt confession was a long time coming, per Soaps.com.

In another tweet, a fan highlighted their amazing chemistry, writing, "They are brilliant together! What a great day at GH!" Another Vanna supporter tweeted that the couple was one of the soap's strongest and that they're able to convey a lot through body language, writing, "I'm sad not everyone can truly appreciate the magnificent pairing of Vanna. Two powerhouse actors who can make us swoon by a mere touch on a leg or a comfort hug. But each their own. I'm grateful #GH is giving me Vanna as much as I am grateful for Sprina."