How Sophie Turner's Style Changed When She Started Dating Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner is known for her role as Sansa Stark on "Game of Thrones," which she landed at just 13 years old, per her Instagram goodbye to the HBO series. Turner went on to appear in movies including "Barely Lethal" and the "X-Men" movies, as well as HBO's series "The Staircase" (via IMDb).

Sophie Turner and singer Joe Jonas have a modern love story — they had already followed each other on Instagram, but their romance kicked off when he sent her a DM in 2016, per People. The pair were married in 2019, had their daughter Willa in 2020, and their second daughter in 2022.

Turner's style as a young star was characterized by party dresses and classic red carpet looks — she later began taking riskier moves, like plunging necklines and jumpsuits (via Insider). After connecting with her now husband, Turner's style grew edgier, as she elected to wear bodices with more creative structuring and cutouts. Her usual chic looks were elevated into major attention grabbers, which was likely due to a boost from her stylish superstar beau.

The couple shares their clothes

GQ has tipped a hat to Joe Jonas' signature aesthetic, including bright colors, animal prints, plenty of denim, and leather. In 2021 Sophie Turner told Vogue about her husband's style, "He surprisingly puts in a little bit more effort than me. He's always embraced high fashion and dressing up."

Though Turner's go-to outfits are more relaxed, her husband chooses fashion above comfort. The actress told Vogue, "I thought it was psychotic how he would wear jeans during the pandemic, while we were just sitting at home. I was like, 'What kind of serial killer does that?'"

Since connecting with Jonas, Turner has played with more masculine silhouettes, and the couple has developed similar street styles. Both seem to love perfectly tailored pants, and Harper's Bazaar showcases Turner and Jonas' love of a rockstar style; a t-shirt paired with tight jeans. Turner told Vogue, "We buy and wear the exact same things. We're always swapping clothes, especially vintage tees." The couple has also been spotted in adorable complementary monochrome looks and played with neutral tones. Turner, it appears, favors tans and browns for her solo looks. 

Their style has turned heads at major events

Per style expert Samantha Harman's interview with FEMAIL (via Daily Mail), couples are likely to influence each other's looks. "Dressing in a way that matches your partner can happen subconsciously." Harman shared. "It's a way of putting on a united front, or showing that we fit with them."

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas certainly present as a cohesive unit, especially when they've made public appearances during Turner's pregnancies. Turner wore a dramatic floor-length red gown — which her "Game of Thrones" character might have rocked — to the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscars party, while Jonas wore a black suit accented with white stripes. And in 2022, their Met Gala looks had similar black accents and creative shapes, with Jonas in a white jacket and the pair having matching grey glitter features. 

Turner frequently appears in Louis Vuitton, wearing a sheer embellished look for the 2019 "X-Men" premiere and a high-fashioned crop top to an event for the film in London. Though their style is seemingly consistent, the couple has certainly shown their range, with matching Louis Vuitton black jackets, super coordinated street style moments, and pairing simple looks with a pop of electric blue. And, of course, their complementary puffer jackets are not to be missed.