The Shocking Spot Girlfriends In Paris' Adja Toure Recommends For Meeting Men

Over the years fans have watched as the "Real Housewives" franchise has progressed and transformed into an entirely unique genre of reality TV. What started out as a simple show following the lives of a few housewives with their families (via New York Post) has now spiraled into the majority of active housewives being single boss women navigating the dating scene all while tossing wine glasses at each other. As the franchise develops, so has Bravo, with their latest venture marking a brand new approach by following the lives of "Real Girlfriends in Paris."

"Real Girlfriends in Paris" explores a group of ex-pat friends as they steer through the world of living abroad, figuring out careers of passion, and most importantly dating. Often mistaken for the city of love, the city of lights tends to be romanticized as where true romance thrives. Well, not if these women have anything to say about it. 

What these ladies do best is flipping that stereotype on its head and proving that dating is hard anywhere, as Emily Goerlik puts it in the teaser trailer, "French men need to just get their s*** together," per Bravo TV. With their unique individual French dating experiences, the cast of "Real Girlfriends in Paris" offers a relatable hot take on just how romantic the French actually are. But one of the most surprising revelations of the premiere episode has to be Adja Toure's insistence on what she considers a great spot to meet men in Paris.

Adja Toure's roster introduced her to this Paris spot

With the premiere episode of "Real Girlfriends in Paris" finally launching, fans got everything they were hoping for. Reminiscent of fan favorite "Emily in Paris," life imitated art as Anya Firestone, Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Kacey Margo, Adja Toure, and Victoria Zito all navigated the tricky world of dating in Paris in their own ways. Each lady with her own approach from Toure's roster system to Lignel's deep desire to Netflix and chill, dating seems just as complex internationally. With this complexity comes the need to keep an open mind on how to find a man. Take it from Toure who's managed to successfully maintain a roster of French lovers. 

On the countless occasions that Lignel complained to Toure about her struggles with finding a partner in Paris during the premiere episode, Toure always seemed to resort back to a spot she thoroughly enjoyed: a sex club. Toure regales Lignel with stories of her latest roster developments when she shared, "One of the last guys I was dating he likes to go to sex clubs." 

Later on in the episode during Firestone's Thanksgiving dinner, Lignel shared her woes with her sexual inactivity to which Toure reinforced, "What if I take you to a sex club? There's one on my street." Sex clubs may not be the spot to find love, but they will definitely do the trick to fulfill Lignel's need for a man that's down to "Netflix and chill."